Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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My wardrobe has been very small for awhile.  I only wear dresses, which definitely aids in this, but I also just have enough dresses to have 1 for each day of the week for the spring and summer season.  Here's what's in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe:

Dresses (6)

Light Green Floral Print Ted Baker Dress
Black, White, and Blue Floral Dress
Black Floral Loft Dress
Teal and Pink Floral Dress
Blue Loft Dress (similar)
Blue Amazon Dress

Layering Pieces (3)

Chambray Button Up
Light Grey Cardigan
White Cardigan

Shoes (2)

Tan Flats
Cream Wedge Sandals

Workout Wear (4)

Grey Workout Pants
Workout T-Shirt
Workout Bra
Gym Shoes

Underwear/Lounge/PJs (26)

14 Pairs of Underwear
7 Pairs of Socks
3 Bras
2 PJ Bottoms
(I only ever wear John's t-shirts to bed)

For a total of 11 items just for spring and summer, 4 items for working out, and 26 items that are underwear or pjs, which I use year round, of course.  41 pieces total.

Have you tried making a capsule wardrobe for the season? 

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