Monday, April 29, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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These are some easy ways you can simplify right now:

Carry less.  Winter is ending and it means that you need to be toting around far less in your purse.  Joy!  Take the time to switch to a smaller purse.  You can put away the gloves and scarves and extra tissues and just stick to the essentials.  Really take the time to edit what those essentials are too - if you didn't use it in the last few months, stop carrying it around because you might need it someday.

Unfollow people on social media.  It's freeing.  Just unfollow or mute them on whatever social media is driving you nuts lately.  Especially accounts that make you feel like your life isn't enough, they've got to go.  Whatever the reason an account makes you feel bad, it really doesn't matter - just unfollow.

Double your recipes and freeze half.  There are a lot of posts out there about how to make freezer meals, the ones where you prep a bunch of ingredients and put them into ziploc bags to store in the freezer.  The intention is that you then take one of those bags on busy nights and just dump it into a crock pot to cook.  You know what's even easier than that?  Just doubling any recipe you're already cooking and freezing half.  That way, it's literally already cooked.  This works well for someone who doesn't like to repeat meals too close together.  You just store the extra half in your freezer until you're ready for it.

Use things up before replacing.  Stop getting distracted by shiny new things and commit to using up what you have.  You likely have more than you realize.  This will save money of course, but it'll also simplify your life because you're cutting down on your stockpile by moving out products that have been sitting for months.  Using things up also gives you the best idea of how you feel about a product, so if it's still holy grail at the end of a bottle, then stop looking for the next best thing (because that's a cycle that never ends) and stick with this product that hasn't failed you yet.

Schedule a 'do nothing' day, without a lot of technology.  If you're starting to feel the pressure of having too many spring and summer plans, schedule a do nothing day.  Actually put it into your calendar like you would a doctor's appointment, and don't let anyone talk you out of it.  And then spend the day doing nothing.  Sure, you could throw a load of laundry in, but otherwise this is a day for you.  All the better if you use less technology.  Read books, play with your dog, go for a long walk, anything that doesn't feel like just another task on your to do list.

Follow the two minute rule.  It's very simple - if you can get it done in two minutes, just do it right then.  Don't keep procrastinating it because you're just adding to your eventual to do list and wasting mental energy on the same thing over and over.  Most things we put off take 2 minutes or less - unloading the dishwasher, taking the trash out, making the bed, starting the laundry, picking up the living room.  Just do it.

Commit to no more than two breakfast and lunch options for the week.  If you really want to simplify, just have the same thing every day all week and switch next week.  Almost no effort involved.

Automate bill paying.  Most companies (think electric, gas, internet) have this option already, where you can go into the settings one time and set it to automatically pay your bill each month without you having to log in.  If they don't, your bank will.  Even if you normally write a rent check to your landlord, this is something your bank can take care of for you.  So many less things for you to think about each month.

Sync your digital calendar with your significant other.  This saves so much headache.  I use Google calendar and I have a version synced with John that has his fire schedule along with any major, time consuming events, like when we road trip to Iowa or the fact that his brother's wedding is this weekend.  Saves so much time because neither of us need to ask 'what days are you at the firehouse' or 'are we free this weekend to help a buddy move?'  We can both check the calendar.  I also have the share settings turned on for the fire schedule with his family and a few of my friends, since it's the main part of our lives that dictates our availability.  Can't recommend a synced calendar enough!

How have you been simplifying your life lately?

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