Friday, May 31, 2019

June Plan With Me

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June 1st tomorrow!  How is everyone feeling about that? June is not my favorite, I think we all know.  I am not a summer person, I'm already missing snow.  Thankfully today is the first really hot day here (it's like 80, and that's too hot for me) and then it'll go back down to 60-70, which is more my speed, so at least it's not summer summer yet.  But even in the summer months, I still plan!  Let's get into it:


First off, here is my May budget check in.  This template can be purchased in my Etsy store if you're also interested in this zero based budgeting method.  In the middle of this month, I'll have a full video tutorial for you as well, so you can see it in action, but in the meantime I made a blog post here.

As you can see, my second paycheck was a little higher and matches what my end of the month paycheck was so I think that's just the number.  It's hard when you start a new job!  But hey, obviously I will take it.  Overall it was a good month.  I didn't save as much as I wanted but as you can see that's because I spent $900 on our new patio doors and $2200 in extra house money, which accounts for finishing off the deck and then part of the cost of fixing the water we got in the basement, the balance of which we'll have to figure out when the new flooring gets installed in the middle of June.

Side note about house money: at the moment, John is going to pay me back for all the money I spent on the deck and basement because I'm not on the house.  I'm in his will to get it if he dies, but I'm not on the mortgage, because we (a) aren't married and (b) wanted to get a mortgage based on only one of our incomes, since we make the same amount.  That way, we knew we could afford everything if one of us isn't working for any reason.  We'll put me on the house at some point, I'm not concerned about it.  But in the meantime, I'm sure as shit not paying thousands into something I don't actually own because momma didn't raise no fool.  I'm just better at saving money and budgeting, so I had the cash on hand to pay for these things, and he's going to pay me back in installments rather than put it on credit cards.  End of side note.

Here's the spending tracker:

I was over in groceries because I included a bottle of booze in that since I bought it at the grocery store and was too lazy to change categories.  But it should have been in entertainment, a category I was under in, so it evens out.

Here's what I have predicted for June so far:

The categories that I italicized I plan on taking out in cash and trying to work with that this month.  Should be interesting!  I also changed it from bus pass to gas for the car because I'll have my mom's car for the month.

Now that most of the house money nonsense is out of the way, I'm able to funnel money back into my sinking funds and save up for expenses I know are coming.  Here's my sinking fund plan:

Gifts being John's birthday for now, and then it'll be funding for Christmas starting next month, and my dad's birthday being a separate category because it's a big one (he'll be 80 in September.)

I advocate for that bottom number, the difference, being 0, so you give every dollar a job, but I'm not sure what the balance of the house money will be until June 12.  I think it's $1600 but I can't be positive so for now, I have it blank.


My goals for May where meh.  Not the best, but not the worst.  I honestly forgot about some of them. I hope to be better in June.

And the June list:

I want to specifically state too, for my own reminder, that in terms of decluttering, Tara and I are going to do another round of the Mins Game.  And that we're planning on doing a daily flossing challenge too, which is part of my night routine.


I also like sharing my monthly overview so you can see what's coming on the blog, although there is a blank space for one more post because I actually have no idea what I'm going to do there!  A first and hopefully last for me this year, since most of the rest of my content is already done.

That's what June is looking like for me at the moment.  How is your month shaping up?

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