Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Plan With Me

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May has arrived and with it comes lots of new things for me.  I'm two (and a half) weeks into my new job, which means I got my first paycheck yesterday.  Paychecks are the 15th and 30th so I need to switch up budgeting.  This first paycheck was also bigger, since it didn't take out health insurance or 401(k) funds yet, although the mid-May one will.  So it's a whole new plan!

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Alright let's start with goals.  Here's the overview of how I did in April.

It was a very big month of goals since I was home for two weeks and had a lot of time to work on things.  I think I did pretty well on everything I wanted to do!  Especially a few of those daily tasks, since it's usually hard for me to remember to do something every single day.

Here's my new list for May.  Also a big one, and I feel like May is a busy month for me, so I hope it's not too ambitious.


The budgeting is going to be the biggest change going forward, new expenses and income and all.

Here's what my spreadsheet budget looks like.  I love that it's all set with formulas so I don't have to do math.  Since I didn't get a paycheck in April (until yesterday, of course), I budgeted using money I set aside from March, for just the basics.

I budget using last month's income and I use the zero based budgeting method, where you take every dollar of income and assign it to something until you get down to 0.  I'll have a more detailed post on this in the middle of the month.  For now, here's May's initial budget.  I'm using the dollars I got from yesterday's paycheck to fund all bills and other necessities, and then I'll re-assess mid-month when I get the next paycheck and use those dollars to fund sinking funds and other savings.  Hopefully that makes sense for now, but I'll definitely share more in a couple weeks.

(Click to open it and view it bigger.)


Here's my May monthly overview, where I track bigger plans as well as blog posts.  I like having the overview at a glance.

Have you planned out your May activities and budget yet?  How's the month shaping up for you?

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