Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My (Minimal) Jewelry Collection

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I've just never been a big jewelry person.  It's such an afterthought with me, so I never remember to put it on before a typical work day and only ever remember when I have a more special event.  So keeping my collection to a minimum is easy, since jewelry doesn't ever catch my eye as something I want to buy and have around, no matter how little space each piece takes up individually.  Here's what's in my collection currently:


Loft Gem Pendant Necklace.  I've worn this one to death.  It came as the set of two, but I might declutter the smaller one, since I mostly wear the long one.

Loft Silver and Pearl Necklace.  I have good luck with Loft jewelry, it's pretty good quality so it lasts me forever.  I've been wearing this one for years.

Pearl Necklace.  A gift from my mom.  Or is it my dad?  He originally bought it for my mom but she gifted it to me last year, after John got me pearl earrings.  She didn't wear it much and thinks pearls look better on me than her.

Gold and (Fake) Diamond Necklace.  This was a Christmas gift so I'm not sure where it's from, but I love it against black clothing.


Rose Gold Swarovski Stone Mini Bangle My dad got this for me, I love it.  Just the right amount of sparkle, and rose gold is the metal that looks best against my skin tone.

Gold and White Gem Bracelet.  This was from Loft originally, and I wore it a ton when I first got it, but not so much since I got the bangle from my dad.

Silver Firefighter Charm Bracelet.  John's sister got this for me for Christmas, isn't it so cute?


Pearl Earrings.  John just got me these for Christmas.  I don't wear earrings every day because my ears are sensitive, but these don't bother me at all.  I end up wearing them twice a week or so, which is way more than I've ever worn earrings before.

Silver Bow Earrings.  Also from John, years ago.  I haven't worn them in awhile so they desperately need a bath.

Blackhawks Earrings.  I pretty much wear these once a year, when we go to the Blackhawks convention in the summer.  Which is also where we got them!


Tiffany's Heart Ring This is the one thing I do remember to wear most often, John got it for me years ago.

Rose Gold Ring.  I don't wear this one as much but I still really like it.  I'm pretty sure it was from Francesca's.

And that's it!

The box I keep everything in is the Stackers box.  What's in your jewelry collection?  Have you decluttered it lately?

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