Monday, May 13, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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A few ideas for things to declutter this month:

Old home improvement supplies.  If you recycled some stuff last month for Earth Day, like old paint, you might have noticed that you actually have a lot of old home improvement supplies.  We don't always know exactly what will work or how much product is needed so we tend to overbuy.  If you still have those extra supplies sitting around, declutter them.

Outdated or broken technology and cords.  My mom got a new MacBook Pro in January.  Would you like to know where her 15 year old desktop PC is now?  If you guessed still sitting in her office on the desk, you would be correct.  Don't be my mom.  If it's not working anymore because it's outdated or broken, drop it off at Best Buy and they'll recycle it for you.  Don't forget about the cords that go with it.  Or the cords that you have no idea what they go to and haven't used them in years.

Collections and knick knack decor.  Collections are clutter.  They really are, I'm sorry.  Do you even know why you love everything or are you just collecting frogs like Sookie on Gilmore Girls because one time you said you liked something?  Stop.  You don't need to keep doing it.  It's okay to admit you're not interested in it anymore and say goodbye.  And hello to your free space.

Unfinished DIY projects.  It's okay, it happens to the best of us.  We all have good DIY intentions but man, that stuff is more time consuming than it appears at first glance.  Pinterest lies.  Be honest and just declutter the supplies for these projects you'll never do.  Give them to a crafty friend or a teacher who needs classroom supplies.

Extra luggage and purses.  While planning any summer travel, be sure to note how many luggage pieces you have versus how many you actually need.  Donate the excess.  Do the same for purses while you're at it.  Really, you can use one at a time.  Don't feel bad about not being a person who matches purses to outfits every day.

Travel sized toiletries.  A lot of people travel in the summer so either make the effort to use up what you have in terms of these travel sized toiletries or give them to someone who you know will be travelling.  Better yet, donate them to a shelter, or to someone who runs a vacation rental home like Steph does.  Vow not to collect these in the future, because you don't need them.  Either use what's available to you at your destination or buy reusable small bottles that you can refill with your own products each time.

Old school supplies.  Hooray for the end of the school year!  Got extra stuff?  Donate.  Especially if you're done with school for good.  Go ahead and trash anything that can't be used, like full notebooks and pens that are out of ink.  If you have stuff in good condition though, donate it to schools, churches, Girl Scout troops, anything with kids that's generally underfunded.  It'll get used.

Textbooks.  Apply that same spirit to your textbooks.  Sell them online or to other students at your school to make some of your investment back.  Otherwise, donate them to your school's library.  Then sit back and enjoy summer.

What do you need to declutter this month?

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