Monday, May 27, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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Some ways you could simplify things right now:

Clean your car every time you get gas.  Since it's nice enough to stand outside while you wait for the gas tank to fill, make it the time you clean out your car.  Get rid of any trash like fast food bags or cups, receipts, wrappers, cereal pieces you dropped on the floor, etc., by using the handy trash cans that's gas stations have at almost every pump.  You can even use the free squeegee to go over the windows if you want.  Remembering to do this for just a couple minutes every time you get gas will ensure your car doesn't become a dumping ground that takes you an hour to clean out once a month.

Adopt a 'one in, one out' rule.  It's really hard to stop shopping altogether, as simple as that would make things.  There are always things that wear out or break, and people often gift us things as well.  When that happens, just be sure to follow the one in, one out rule.  Any time you get something new, you need to get rid of a similar item.  If you're currently overwhelmed by stuff, it might be better for you to adopt a one in, two or three or more out rule.

Don't start collections.  I say this now because a lot of collections stem from travel, and travel season is upon us.  If you don't have a collection started already, don't start one.  Ticket stubs, mugs, snow globes, shot glasses, just don't do it.  You don't need any of these things to commemorate a trip because at the end of the day it's just stuff and there's nothing special about it.  You'll be saving money and so much time by not having to clean, store, display, and otherwise take care of more knick-knacks.

Have a place for clothes when you take them off, and put them there.  Although it's important to cull the wardrobe for it to feel simplified, you can't overlook the fact that everything needs a place when you take it off at the end of the days.  Men throw things in the laundry basket and that's great but ladies, I know you understand me when I say that we take things off that aren't dirty enough for the laundry basket but don't feel right going back in with the clean clothes.  And those items end up draped over chairs until you get to the point where you don't even know what's clean or dirty anymore.  Make a plan for this.  Have a designated area for the in between clothes.  I space them out in my closet, hanging.  Everything clean is to the far right, then I leave a spacer hanger, and then everything semi-clean is to the left of that hanger.  So the clothes can breathe but I also know they only have one more wear before they go to the laundry pile. 

Wear more dresses.  This simplifies that 'is it clean?' system I just mentioned, yes, since everything gets hung, but it actually simplifies everything else about getting dressed too because you don't have to match things.  I love this.  I don't need pants and skirts that match with a variety of tops and then what about belts and shorts too and whatever else - no.  A dress is one lovely piece and a complete outfit in and of itself, plus people always think you tried harder than you actually did when you wear a dress.

Minimize your skincare routine.  One of the things I do like about spring and summer (because I generally hate them and prefer winter) is that I need less in my skincare routine.  I love the cold but there's no denying that it's harsher on the skin.  You need more moisturizing products and to take more time to soothe dry, irritated skin.  Summer skincare can be so much simpler, with just moisturizing SPF in the morning and a gentle cleanser at night.  Easy!

Minimize your makeup routine.  Similarly, summer is such a good time to simplify your makeup routine.  Skin is dewy and glowing in this weather anyway, so there's no need to use heavy primers and foundations - let your skin breathe.  It's also the time for light, natural looking everything else.  You don't need blush and bronzer and heavy eyeliner when your skin is flush naturally from the sun anyway.

Wash your hair less.  It's better for it, yes, but it's also a way to simplify your routine.  If you currently wash your hair every day, try stretching it to two days.  In hot weather your hair is likely up off your neck anyway, so you can get away with braids and ponytails while your hair adjusts.  There's a bit of a greasy period while it gets used to being washed less but soon it stops overproducing oils and levels out.  I wash my hair now probably once a week.

How are you simplifying things this month?

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