Monday, June 10, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Here are a few ways to declutter in June:

Your DVR and Netflix to be watched list.  Getting out and enjoying the weather is fun, but it's also nice to finally watch some shows you've been meaning to see.  Be realistic though.  Do you have days and days worth of content to watch on your DVR or Netflix list?  Declutter some of it.  Focus on what you really want to watch, rather than stuff you turn on as background noise.

Trash in your car.  And anything else that doesn't belong there.  Especially if you're going on a road trip, go in a clean and organized car.  It might take you awhile, but get in there and get everything out that doesn't need to be there.  I can't stress enough getting the trash out though.  Because your car will get hot just sitting outside and then whatever is buried in your back seat is going to start to smell and then it's just too late.  Do it now.

Manuals.  I don't know why we keep things.  Everything is online, I feel like no one bothers to reference the manual anymore.  I mean, I don't even think people reference the online version of the manual, they just reference YouTube videos when there's a problem.  Recycle the paper manuals.

Extra vases.  If you're putting flowers in vases, this is the time when you're probably using as many at once as you're able to.  Declutter the rest, you'll never use them.

Toys.  I think this is a good time for a mid-year toy declutter.  The stuff just multiplies and accumulates, especially if you weren't able to keep a tight watch on the influx of things at Christmas.  Get rid of anything that's just not getting played with or at summer toys from last year that your kids have grown out of.  Do dog toys while you're at it.

Old magazines.  Magazines are like newspapers, where the information just turns over so fast that old copies can be really irrelevant.  Magazines are also extremely repetitive month to month, so you're not going to get any new information by reading old versions.  These are good things to leave in the waiting rooms at doctor's offices, not in your own bathroom.

Books you won't read.  Summer is the time for beach reading, and binge reading in general.  So if you have a stack you know you won't read, or read again, donate them.  Or list them on Instagram to giveaway to fellow readers who will get way more joy out of your dusty books than you will this summer.

What are you getting rid of this month?

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