Monday, June 17, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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Some ways you can organize right now:

Keep lists.  I have lists for everything.  You can tell yourself you'll remember something later, but you won't.  You know it, I know it, so just commit things to lists.  Find an app that works for you (Evernote is mine) and write it all down so your lists are always with you.  Grocery lists, to do lists, bucket lists, shopping lists, Christmas lists, I have one for everything.

Utilize a planner.  I've been posting monthly plan with me posts all year so far, so you know I love a good planner.  Or four, literally.  There's just something about getting all my thoughts and plans into one spot and seeing it laid out for the month, it makes it much easier to stick to plans while still scheduling in down time.  If you started out with the best of intentions in January but have since left your planner collecting dust, pick it up again.  It doesn't matter if the last few months are blank, you can restart any time.

Create a space to store passwords.  Do you constantly need to reset passwords?  What a pain in the ass that is.  We have so many online accounts and of course making passwords all the same or very easy is never a good idea, but who can remember all those complicated ones, especially if the site makes you change them regularly?  Write them down somewhere or use an app like LastPass or Keeper.  I just list mine in Evernote, which probably isn't as secure but it works fine for me.

Create cleaning schedules.  It's very easy to let the house get messy during the months when you're constantly out doing things.  Even though you aren't spending as much time at home, you're still making it dirty.  Or maybe it's a gremlin, who knows.  Either way, creating simple schedules will help keep things under control.  Start with just the biggest things that bug you, like dirty mirrors and bathroom counters - that's a quick fix, as long as you remember to do it regularly.

Find a place for tracking goals.  A lot of people love being able to visually track goals, plus it always helps not to just have them in your head.  Writing them down helps you commit, as does sharing them with an accountability partner.  Find a place that works for you to write them down, and if you're a visual person, create a tracker such as the boxes in the PowerSheets that you can chart your progress on.  It can be easy to fall off track during the summer, but you don't have to.

Rotate cushions and fans.  Yep, that is a thing you need to do in your home.  Flip cushions so one spot doesn't get more worn than the rest and change fan directions based on the season.  Easily things we can forget about but make a difference in the long run.  It doesn't take long, might as well get it done.

Create a summer bucket list.  Mid June really means that summer is just starting.  If you haven't yet, take the time to create a summer bucket list of everything you'd like to get done before September.  Star anything that's a favorite or must do.  This way, you're not totally surprised in two months, wondering where the time went and why you didn't get to do any of your favorite things.  Hang the bucket list where you can see it easily to remind you and start scheduling your important activities into your calendar.

Stick to routines, especially wake up times.  This can be so hard in the summer because we stay up later and do more out of the house, but it's so important to stick to routines.  Particularly wake up times.  Sleeping until noon on a Saturday or Sunday makes having to wake up and 6 or 7 a.m. on Monday morning even worse.  If you stick to a similar schedule, you'll feel better during the day.  It also pays to stick to other routines like meal prep and cleaning.  Once you stop doing good habits, it's hard to get back into them.

What have you been organizing in June?  What's on your summer bucket list?

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