Monday, June 24, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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More ways to simplify this month:

Decline an invitation.  Even just one will simplify your life.  There really is just so much going on in the summer and my friends make a lot of different plans.  If I start to feel like I'm pulled in too many directions, I start declining invitations.

Plan outfits for a week.  If you spend more than two minutes each morning figuring out what to wear, you're wasting your morning decision making power.  It's proven that we're able to make less and less sound decisions as the day wears on so if you use all your mental energy on silly things like this in the morning, you have less to last the rest of the day (it's called decision fatigue.)  Take the time instead to plan out a week's worth of outfits on a Sunday.  Take a look at the weather and plan accordingly, lining everything up in the closet if you need to.  Then just throw it on each morning and be ready to start your day.

Create rotating meal plans.  Personally, I can eat the same thing every day for the rest of my life and be fine.  I know a lot of people are not like this.  Some can't even eat leftovers the next day (John.)  Rather than re-invent the wheel every day or week, try creating rotating meal plans.  Make a list of favorite meals, aiming for 3 to 4 meals per week for 4+ weeks.  Then just repeat it each month.  This is especially simple if you use similar ingredients for a couple dishes in the same week.  For example, the week that we do a chicken stir fry I'll also do chicken fajitas which are literally almost the same ingredients just different spices.  It will take some time to get a system down, so start with one week at a time and work your way up.  You'll be simplifying things for future you who won't have to meal plan or make more grocery lists ever again.

Do a 'power hour.'  The kind where you get nagging tasks done, not the kind where you drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour.  Although that's fun too.  If you want to simplify your mental clutter and lingering to do list, schedule one hour of time to dedicate to the relatively simple but nagging things that you've been putting off.  Put everything in the house back in it's rightful place, get the laundry done, meal prep, return library books, whatever it is that you've been procrastinating on.  Just give it your undivided attention for one hour.

Work on morning and evening routines.  I think having morning and evening routines is key to simplifying your life because you're ensuring so many important tasks get done each day, which results in less mental clutter as well as less of a buildup on your to do list come the weekend.  I have tons of blog posts about my own routines but I recommend starting with this morning routine post and this evening routine post.

Make more one pot meals.  I love one pot meals because it's less dishes for me to do.  And generally they're easier, since you don't have to cook a bunch of ingredients separately.

Make more raw meals.  Now is the time, since there's so much produce in season and the weather is great.  A fruit plate is a meal by itself, as is a plate full of veggies and hummus.  Not only are you not meal planning and prepping ingredients, you're not even cooking anything.  Win.

Stop junk mail coming in If you haven't yet, get yourself removed from as much junk mail as possible.  It's better for the environment plus you don't waste your time sorting through nonsense every day.

Anything on this list you'll be simplifying right now?

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