Monday, July 22, 2019

Best Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

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Ants actually come in an array of different sizes; they can be as small as 0.03”, or as large as 2”! But, it doesn’t matter what size they are, you don’t want them in your house, you need to know the best way to get rid of ants in the kitchen! 

Top Tip: If you haven’t got the time or appear to have a large number of ants in your kitchen, you should call your local exterminators

The Problem With Ants 

All types of ants form colonies, these can range in size from just a few dozen ants to thousands, or even millions, all living together. What is remarkable is that these colonies are highly organized, there are worker ants to make the home and fetch the food, soldier ants to guard, and the queen to look after everyone. 

In general, they will avoid contact with you. However, their trail in, out, and around your home will leave some bacteria behind. Bacteria carried by ants are known to include dysentery and smallpox, neither of which is desirable to humans. 

Ants will locate a source of food and then move towards it as a swarm, taking the food back to their nest, in the process they can leave bacteria which has the potential to harm you and your family. That’s why you need to take action quickly. 

The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Ants 

You can find out more from your local pest control experts but the following methods should be successful in eliminating the ant issue. 

Don’t forget, if these ants are moving across your work surfaces you don’t want to use pesticides, they could be harmful to you as well. 

Step 1 – Pre-Bait 

The idea is to get the ants to carry poison back to their nest, killing as many of the ants as possible in the process. To do this you need to find a sweet, sticky food that really attracts the ants. 

Try leaving several different things in your kitchen to see which increases the number of ants you’re getting, this is your pre-bait. It can take several days to find the right pre-bait. 

Step 2 – Poison 

Now that you what food your ants are attracted to you can lace a plate of this food with poison. Liquid poison is usually the best approach but powder is also an option; you’ll need to keep this away from pets and children while making sure the ants are taking the bait

Make sure there are no other foods available to attract them. This approach will take a few days to work. 

A viable alternative is to use a mixture of water and liquid soap, simply spray the ants, it will kill them virtually instantly. 

Step 3 – Prevention 

Perhaps the biggest step you need to take is to prevent any ants from returning. You’ll need to use a water and vinegar mix to wipe away the trail the ants have left, this is scented for other ants to follow, the vinegar will destroy the trail. 

You also need to focus on how the ants are getting into your home, blocking up access points with caulk or sealant will make it difficult for ants to enter your home again. 

Of course, keeping food in containers and your sides clean will remove the attraction for the ants.

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