Monday, July 15, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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I know you're probably not thinking about a massive declutter of stuff in the middle of your summer, but there's a few things you can grab to get out of your house:

Broken hair ties.  It's too hot to wear my hair down some days, so braids it is.  But that means my hair ties are getting more of a workout and sometimes they snap or stretch beyond the point of no return.  If you have the same problem, toss those annoying broken hair ties.  And corral all your good ones to one spot so you know what you have.

Expired sunscreen.  It expires faster than you think and you do not want to risk using expired sunscreen, it's just not worth it.  Take care of your skin and watch those expiration dates so you can replace it if you need to, especially if you pulled a product out of storage from last summer.

Beach bags that collect sand.  If you've been struggling with it and getting annoyed, just stop.  There are so many bags and towels even that don't collect sand, so it's not worth the aggravation of having sand all over your car or home that you can never really get rid of.  Invest in something better.

Sunglasses you hate.  Not all sunglasses work for all face shapes.  If you don't like how you look in them or they aren't dark enough so you're still squinting, or, my personal pet peeve, if they have the nose pads that get stuck in your hair when you put them on top of your head, donate them.  Find a pair that works for you so you'll actually wear them.

Worn out swimsuits.  The elastic doesn't last forever on these, unfortunately, so if you're one to get a lot of use out of your swimsuits, you'll probably see signs of wear on your older suits.  If something is just too far gone to be comfortable, it's time to declutter it.

Patio furniture.  Now that you're finally getting to actually use your outdoor furniture, you can clearly see what's breaking or what's just excessive and not getting used.  Declutter anything that doesn't function as it should anymore, or anything that you have just too much of.

Barbecue tools.  We had 4 grill brushes.  I don't know why, other than the fact that John struggles to get rid of stuff even when it's literally falling apart and leaving brush bristles on his burgers.  Gross.  I decluttered the crappy ones.  If you put off sorting through barbecue supplies while the weather was cold, it's time to stop procrastinating and get rid of anything as crappy as our old broken grill brushes and anything else you never use.

Promotional items.  People love to hand out free stuff on street corners in the summer.  That does not mean you have to take it.  I love street fests but I could come away with an entire tote bag full of branded merchandise for free if I'm not careful.  And would I ever use any of it?  No.  If some of these things have found their way into your home, declutter them.

What have you gotten rid of so far this summer?

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