Monday, July 22, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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Want to get a little more organized this month?  Here's a couple ideas:

Start planning for Christmas.  5 months away and yes, that means now is the time to start thinking about it.  Hopefully you've already started budgeting and setting money aside, at least planning for that large uptick in spending that's going to happen.  Although I mentioned the financial aspect already, there's a lot more to start planning for for Christmas than gifts.  If you're already making gift lists and looking for ideas, don't forget to plan for travel, and dinner parties you always attend, and any events you don't want to miss.  Also take this time to create a little Christmas gift storage area, so you can start buying some gifts when you see them on sale but still keep them organized and hidden.  Don't forget to put sticky notes on them with who your intended recipient is, or keep track of that in your gift tracker.

Create a craft storage area.  Especially if kids are home, because summer means more time for crafts.  If you don't have a dedicated area for this, it'll end up all over your house and you'll be cleaning glitter off the cat.  Make sure the area, whether it's just a tote box or a whole closet, is close to where the supplies will be used, so clean up is quick and easy.

Add storage solutions to your trunk.  Even in the summer, there's things you should keep in your car.  Water, flashlights, the kit for changing a tire.  But you also want to have room for beach supplies and coolers on road trips, or even just secure areas for all the produce you find at farmer's markets.  If everything is rolling around in a big mess in there, get some organizers.  You can even search for the make and model of your car so you can get something tailored to you.

Change how you store makeup.  If this is something that has been driving you nuts, maybe it's time for a change.  I know I had to downsize mine when I decluttered more products, because my old storage was just too big.  Stuff was falling all over.  Smaller pieces that make up a collection, like makeup, can be a pain in the butt to store since you really do want to keep everything together.  Thankfully they make all sorts of solutions for this.  If you're happy throwing everything into a bag, that's great.  I need to have mine separate and more visible, so I use Stackers boxes that have dividers.  You could also get a set of clear drawers or organizers to sit on your vanity.  What I really recommend is going with the smallest possible option to house what you have.  We like to fill empty space, so if you get a bigger storage solution, you'll end up buying more makeup.  Downsize the storage, downsize the collection.

Create storage for outdoor supplies.  Things will get broken or damaged by rain and sun if they're just scattered across the yard.  Plus it just looks frustratingly messy to have a garden hose just piled up in a corner.  Whatever it is that doesn't have a home out there, make one.  Buy an extra storage bin for pool supplies or kid toys, buy a hose reel if you don't have one, get a box to tuck away grilling tools when they aren't in use.  Nothing complicated, just a space for things to go back to at the end of the day.

Clear off kitchen counters.  Even if the kitchen is totally clean, having the counters full of appliances will instantly make your kitchen look cluttered and messy.  If you don't use it every single day, it belongs in a cabinet.  Kitchen counter space is prime real estate.  Ours houses our coffee maker and knife block.  Occasionally a bowl of fruit is out if John has bought some. But it's not the place for any dishes or our toaster since we rarely use it.  It's definitely not the place for stuff that doesn't even belong in the kitchen, like papers.

Use more hooks instead of bars or hangers.  Again, this has to do with the ease of putting things away.  You'll always make the effort to get something out, but you will not make that same effort to put it away.  Hanging something on a hook simply does not take the same amount of effort as a bar or hanger.  If you're constantly annoyed by wet towels on the bathroom floor and other things not hung up, try switching to hooks.  Kids especially suck at towel bars, so do everyone a favor and switch.

Anything on this list speaking to you?  Have you thought at all about Christmas yet?

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