Monday, July 8, 2019

Ways to Save This Month

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Save money in July by:

Try thrifting.  If you actually need something, such as clothing or home goods or really cheap books, try checking out a few local thrift stores before you buy anything new. 

Cut and 'highlight' your own hair.  Actually highlighting at home is beyond my skill level, and I do go get my hair done twice a year, but in between, I use the home methods for highlighting.  Like lemon juice.  Did your mom do that to you as a kid?  It works!  Sun lightens your hair naturally and lemon juice aids in the speed of this process, so put some on your hair before you head outside.  I also cut John's hair at home, boy hair is easy after watching a couple YouTube videos.  There's also YouTube videos on trimming your own hair, if you're so inclined.

Switch to sustainable personal care items.  It's about the environmental impact first of all but really, making the switch really will save you tons of money.  I don't know how much you spend on pads and tampons each year but I know how much I do - $0.  That's because I switched to the menstrual cup that costs maybe $20 up front and lasts for years and years.  Shaving is the same - switch to a safety razor and never buy plastic razors and blades another day in your life.  I use an epilator to the same effect, absolutely no money spent on razors or shaving cream.  More ideas?  Shampoo and conditioner bars, oil as makeup remover with cloth reusable wipes, crystal deodorant, the list is extensive.

Eat less meat.  Meat and dairy are the most expensive items per ounce in the grocery store and you'll save more money the more you can cut them from your diet.  Everyone wonders how I get my grocery bill so low, and that's the answer - it's cheap to be vegan.  But even just less meat will help, if you don't want to commit to no meat.  People usually start with meatless Mondays and work their way up from there.

Use surge protectors and be sure to turn them off when not in use.  Surge protecting power strips are a good idea no matter what, because they protect your appliances, meaning you won't need to shell out to replace a TV that shorted out when lighting hit the house during a thunderstorm (it happens.)  But these also save by making it easy to turn everything off with a press of a button, thus ending the 'phantom energy' that these things use by staying plugged in all the time.

Plan a stay-cation.  Vacationing is expensive!  And I personally love our house and love being home.  If you're like me, plan a stay-cation instead.  Like a vacation, you can take off work and unplug from your work e-mails, but you just spend the time at home instead.  Read, catch up on shows, nap, plan a spa night.  Anything you'd do on a vacation, but in the comfort of your own home.

Start saving for Christmas.  Just over 5 months to Christmas.  It is not an emergency or a surprise, it does not go on a credit card.  Start saving now and put yourself ahead of the game come Christmastime.  Plus when you have money sitting aside, you're able to use it when you find a really good deal on something that would make a good Christmas gift (pen and marker sets that go on sale after school starts come to mind.)

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