Friday, August 2, 2019

August Plan With Me - Budget and Goals

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August!  Inching closer to fall, which I'm ready for.  I just do not function well in the heat, at all.  I cannot wait for the cold.

The details about everything in the photo can be found here.


July was pretty good.  I ended up buying towels that we didn't plan on, but I'm glad we got them - it was necessary, ours were dead, and the ones I like were on sale.

My budget spreadsheet is for sale on Etsy, if you want to get a copy for yourself.  Here's the budget plan for August:

The only thing I'm questioning is the entertainment budget.  Tara is coming into town for our favorite street fests on August 10, but it's pricey.  There's certain frozen cocktails we like to get, and we take a cab home for safety reasons.  Plus we eat out, usually lunch and dinner.  I don't want to spend most of my budget that one day!  I'll have to make a better plan for this.  We didn't do too bad last year but still.  It's important to plan for stuff like that.


Here's the recap for July goals:

Nope, I did not wear my invisalign one single day. Fail.  I also didn't hit inbox zero, because I haven't been on top of responding to blog comments.  I hope to be better about that in August.

And here's what I'm thinking for August:

My dad turns 80 in September so we have to start thinking about how to celebrate, that'll be a fun one to check off the list.  Finish my bathroom (the baseboard needs to be replaced) is just this nagging task that needs to get done so I hope we can just finish it already and stop procrastinating.  I also need to sit down and put the football schedule in the calendar.  John coaches 4-6th graders in football and the games are on Saturdays, at various times and locations. I'm hoping that my inbox zero and fasting goals will be more successful this month - fingers crossed.  As far as daily goals, I'd like to keep working on the fly lady routine for housekeeping that I love so much and also to read a little bit every day, which I've been slacking on.  I'd like to read before bed each day.

How did your July budget and goals go?  Have you made a plan for August?

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