Monday, August 12, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Some ideas for things to declutter this month:

Worn out beach towels.  There's a few more beach days left but you know which towels are just about done for.  Don't keep them around just to be disappointed at the start of next season.  Take them now to your local animal shelter, alone with any other worn out sheets and towels.  Bonus is that beach towels are now on sale so you can get new ones for next year at a discount.

Empty booze bottles.  I think we all drink more in summer.  And some people think they're going to be all crafty with those empty wine bottles but the number of people who follow through on that is incredibly small.  And if you're reading lists on things to declutter because you have too much stuff in your home, you're one of those people who isn't going to do it.  Recycle them.

Old invitations.  If those bridal shower and wedding invites are still hanging on your fridge even though the wedding was in June, recycle those suckers.

Event ticket stubs and programs.  If you went to baseball games or concerts or plays or movies in all your free time this summer, that is a lovely way to have spent your time.  You had the experience and maybe some pictures, so you do not need to keep the ticket stubs from such events to remind you that you went.

Party favors.  People always have party favors when they host summer parties.  We're guilty too, since we made koozies for John's 30th birthday party, but we still use those.  If anyone got one and isn't using it though, feel free to let it go, I'm not offended.  Wristbands and plastic sunglasses and pinwheels from the fourth of July, just let it all go.  You're never going to use this stuff, so get rid of it.

Store loyalty cards.  You really don't need to keep these because every place looks up your account by phone number or e-mail address.  The only one you need is if you have to flash it to get in the door, like Costco.

Souvenirs.  I hope you didn't collect a lot of souvenirs on your summer travels but in case you did, this is your reminder that you don't need snow globes and mini license plates with your name on it to remind you that you went somewhere.  And if someone else brought you these things, thank them for the intention behind it and then quietly add that stuff to your donation bin.

What have you been decluttering lately?

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