Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Things You May Not Know About Me

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Anyone else felt that lull of summer turning into the buzz of 'new year' motivation that comes with back to school season?  I have, and I haven't been in school for like a decade (ouch.)  Although I didn't slack off on blog posts this summer, I still feel ready to add more content and welcome new people who are looking for organization tips this time of year.  I have plenty for you in the archives and always more to come, don't worry.  I also like to take this time to share facts about me, but I just think I've shared them all in some way.  I've had this blog so long that it seems impossible to tell you anything you don't already know about me.  But I'm going to try:

I have almost zero athletic ability.  My parents put me in every sport imaginable over the years and I just, I can't.  Some sports are due to lack of effort, yes, because I wasn't interested but some I liked!  I just couldn't do it, even with practice.

What I can do is peel a banana with my feet, so I feel like that counts for something.

I'm similarly bad at math.  My dad tried so hard to make me good at math, he started young.  And I went to an all girls school so it's not like I had any 'girls can't do math' notions.  My brain just isn't wired to work that way.  I've gotten better over the years, and I do things like budget and my own taxes, but that's only because I have spreadsheets and calculators to help.  I'm still an 'add 7 + 5 on my fingers' kind of girl.

But I can write a fully cited 20 page paper in a couple hours.  English, that I can do.  Reading, writing, analyzing, proofreading, editing, proper sentence structure, spelling, citations, being able to figure out what just about every word means if I happen to not know it, that's where I excel.

What I can also do is name every Super Bowl and World Series winner since 1984 (my birth year.)  Which might seem like it counts for nothing but makes me a very good bar trivia teammate, I assure you.  I don't really know why I know these things, because I don't care that much about baseball, but it's in my head now and therefore it can never leave.

Just like the lyrics of every song I've ever heard and the scripts from movies I've seen too many times, like Empire Records and Treasure Island.  Who needs a screen with the words on it during karaoke?  Not this girl.  There have been a few 'don't forget the lyrics' game shows that I missed my calling being on, I would have crushed them.

I've only ever dated guys with very biblical names.  John, of course.  And before that Peter, Timothy, Thomas, David, Seth, Michael, and Patrick (which is more saint than biblical but you get my drift.)  And I'm not religious.  My mother pointed out this fact.

I crack my knuckles.  I joke that my worst habits/traits are how stubborn I am or intolerant of people being late or my aggressive driving, but when it comes down to it, cracking my knuckles has got to be one of my worst bad habits.

I have a stork bite birthmark.  Also called an angel's kiss.  It's on the back of my neck, in the base of my hairline.  There's also a legend that says birthmarks are the mark of where you were killed in a past life, so I like to go with 'beheaded.'  Like Marie Antoinette.  Let them eat cake.

Anything new on the list?  Tell me something I don't know about you.

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