Thursday, August 1, 2019

Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, a weekly list of three things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks and more recommendations, you can find those here.  If you make your own Three on Thursday list, please share it in the comments so I can check it out.


Raspberry Muffins for Lammas.  Today, August 1, is a pagan holiday known as Lammas or Lughnasadh which celebrates the first harvest of the year.  It's one of 8 sabbats on the witch's Wheel of the Year.  The word lammas is thought to have come from the word loaf-mas, so you can see why baking a loaf of bread is the most traditional way to celebrate this festival.  I'm still perfecting bread-making, so instead I offer you muffins as a substitute!  These raspberry muffins are super simple to make and taste delicious.  Even if you don't celebrate this particular holiday, it's still a fantastic recipe.  John loves to grab a couple of these for breakfast, so I try to make them whenever we have an overflow of raspberries (my mom goes a little crazy at the Farmer's Market sometimes.)


Elderflower and DIY Elderberry Syrup.  The elderflower is also traditionally associated with Lammas and I swear that elderberry syrup is the reason I rarely get sick.  Well, never being around children also helps.  But elderberry syrup has known medicinal properties that help your immune system so you're less likely to get coughs and colds.  Steph swears by it too.  I used to buy it, but it's pretty expensive and also has some strange preservative ingredients, so I started following this recipe to make it myself and it's incredibly easy and effective.  You can take it if you feel a cough or cold coming on, but I highly recommend taking it regularly to prevent those things in the first place.


Witchcraft 101 by Mumbles and Things.  In keeping with the witchy theme of this 3 on Thursday, I had it on my monthly goals list to finish a witchcraft 101 course and this is the one I went with, so I highly recommend it.  It's been a long time since I've gone over the basics and some of the stuff in this course was totally new information.  It's kind of nice to go back to the beginning and learn the 'why' and 'how' behind a lot of things.  And it's free!  Maggie has a sweet, soothing voice, so all of the videos are very easy to listen to.  If' you've ever wanted to learn more about witchcraft in general, without a heavy Wiccan focus, this is a great place to start.  Nothing wrong with Wicca of course, I just don't do organized religion of any kind.

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