Monday, August 19, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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Some ways to organize this month:

Install floating shelves.  Storage space can be lacking, especially in older homes.  A really good way to combat this without giving up and more floor space to another cabinet is to install some floating shelves.  We added these in my bathroom and it went surprisingly quick, it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be.  The bonus of open floating shelves is that it encourages you to keep it neat since you see it all the time, unlike shoving clutter into a cabinet and shutting the door.

Organize dog toys.  I have a toy bin and I love it.  It has an open top and one side as a dip cut out so she can reach in and get whatever she wants.  Here's another tip - say 'put it away' as you and your dog put a toy into the box and then give your dog a treat.  Keep doing it.  You can tell your dog 'put it away' and they'll eventually clean up their own toys.  Hawkeye does.  #ocdfamily

Create a 'leaving the house' station for your dog.  Nothing worse than finding yourself without poop bags in the middle of a walk.  I recommend one always tied to the leash, if you don't already have a dispenser attached to your leash.  To make getting out of the house more efficient, so you'll actually walk the dog, create a space, preferably near a door, that has everything you need - the baggies, treats, the leash and harness or collar, a toy, paw protection and jackets in the winter, reflective gear for at night, and a way to hydrate them.  You won't be caught without the essentials too far from home on a long walk.

Add more trash bins and leave liners inside on the bottom.  If trash tends to land on tables in certain areas, try putting more small trash bins around your house.  I don't like trash bins (or making so much trash) but I don't like picking up old trash and transporting it to the kitchen all the time either.  It also makes it easier on guests.  If you use liners (a law in Chicago, liners for trash but not allowed for recycle), then store the extra liners in the bottom of the bins.  Just one little thing to make your life easier.

Create a storage spot for remotes.  Stop playing the 'where's the remote, are you sure you're not sitting on it?' game.  Create a dedicated spot for all remotes, which in our house is as simple as a decorative bowl on the coffee table.  Take remote out of bowl to turn on TV, put it back.  Take it out to turn off TV, put it back.  You'll be in the habit in no time and then everyone will know where the damn remote is at all times.

Have a basket for rehoming items and use it regularly.  This is perfect for quick 15 minute sweeps of the home before bed.  Clutter attracts clutter so if you set something on the dining table that doesn't belong, 10 items will join it by tomorrow.  Take 15 minutes before bed to sweep through the house while carrying a basket.  Put everything in the basket that doesn't belong in the room you're in and when you get to it's correct room, put it away.  Doing this every day will ensure it doesn't pile up and end up taking you hours to clean up on a Sunday afternoon when you have better things to do.

Organize incoming mail.  I recommend stopping all junk mail of course, and switching to paperless billing, and placing a no solicitation sign on your mailbox, but if you're still getting mail after all of those things, have a system in place to deal with it.  Stand over the recycle bin as you sort it, as soon as it comes into the house.  Don't just leave it on a table somewhere.  If anything needs to be dealt with, create a bin on your desk or in your office area where you can store those until you can take action.

What are you going to organize before fall arrives?

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