Monday, August 26, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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Here are some ways to simplify this month:

Simplify your phone contents.  There really is an app for everything these days.  But that doesn't mean you need it, and you definitely don't need 4 that essentially do the same thing.  We often download things to try and then don't bother deleting them when we stop using them, since phones can store so much these days.  But that just means it's in your way when you're looking for what you actually need.  Take a few minutes to delete all the excess.  While you're at it, deleted contacts you never actually contact.

Turn off push notifications.  I don't have notifications on for anything but text messages, and even those I will turn off if I need to concentrate or I'm out with a friend.  Notifications are so distracting.  Have you ever sat at a table with someone who looks down at their phone or apple watch every time it dings?  They have notifications on for e-mails and Instagram posts and sports scores - ugh.  It's so frustrating because they're essentially telling you that all of those tiny, silly things are more important that you.  They suddenly lose their train of thought or completely miss what you're saying, because we simply cannot focus on that many things at once.  Don't be that person.

Opt out of football pools.  I know it's fun, I don't disagree!  But football pools (fantasy, pick 'ems, whatever it is) are a lot of work, for 16 weeks in a row.  If you really want to simplify what you spend your time on, opt out this year.  Or at least cut back and just do one.

Make your yard easy to maintain.  We're approaching fall clean up time, which is a great opportunity to make your yard easy to maintain.  I dislike yard work.  Strongly.  We have a gardener and I specifically told her that I probably can't even be bothered to water flowers so don't put in anything that dies easily.  John is more handy in this area than me though, he likes cutting the grass.

Try more natural options.  Natural options have simplified my life in so many ways.  The first one that comes to mind is using oil as makeup remover and raw honey as face wash.  Wow, is that easy.  I don't have to shop around each time I run out, reading labels to figure out what sort of semi-toxic ingredients might be in there that would irritate my skin.  The same goes for natural remedies for minor illnesses and natural cleaning solutions (vinegar and baking soda are magic).  Try thinking of a couple of things that frustrate you each time you buy them and try their natural alternative..

Monitor your time and the ways you procrastinate.  There's a time for working and there's a time for Netflix.  You can't be go go go all the time without taking a break, that is a fact.  But it's so much better to be aware of taking those breaks and downtimes than to just procrastinate with mindless television you don't really care about just because you don't want to do the laundry.  It's not always easy to be aware of when we do this though, it just seems like the week ends and we haven't gotten anything done and don't know why.  Take a week or two to closely monitor your time.  Write down when you start and end each activity you do in a day so you have a log to look back on.  Suddenly that hour you spent each night scrolling social media doesn't seem like such a good use of your day.

Reassess yearly goals.  September 1 always feels like a reset for me in the same way that January 1 does.  Must be all those years I spent in school.  It's like a mini-new years.  I try to keep track of my goals all year long, of course, but I think this is the ideal time to really sit down a reassess.  Anything you planned in January just not working out?  Think about tweaking it or dropping it altogether.  It's also the perfect time to add in anything that you'd love to get done before the end of the year so you can start 2020 fresh.

What are you doing lately to make your life easier?

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