Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Items I Currently Use to Organize My Life (+ Giveaway)

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Anyone else love September 1st and back to school season even though you aren't in school?  I still love the new year feeling of September.  Always makes me want to revamp my goals and get (even more) organized because the stores and ads are loaded with so many cute planners and pens.  My weakness.  Although I'm not buying anything this year, I still like to browse... but then come back to my tried and true, already owned possessions that I know keep me organized.  Here are more items I currently use to keep my life organized, plus a giveaway to win some for yourself:

Stackers Organizers.  I have one that I use for jewelry, it's intended use, but I also use two for makeup storage.  I've found this system particularly handy.  In terms of jewelry, it keeps a limitation on my collection - it has to fit into that one box.  Since individual pieces of jewelry are so small, it can quickly get out of control since it doesn't take up a lot of overall space in your home.  But it can still be clutter.  I liked the defined system of 'must fit within box.'  I also like the two boxes for makeup for the same 'must fit' reason, but also because I'm able to keep one box of just my daily makeup (that I can carry from room to room and apply wherever), and one box of more fun makeup that I like for weekends and events (liquid liner, false lashes, etc.)

Drawer Organizers I don't even remember life before drawer organizers, I think I've always had them.  It's too easy to just chuck everything into a drawer but the next time you open it, it's just chaos.  I can't stand that, not when it's so easy to add a couple containers and easily have a spot to put every item.  I use a bamboo expandable one in our kitchen and the thinner, interlocking ones in the bathrooms.

Flocked Hangers.  Matching, slim line hangers are the only way to go in your closet, seriously.  It will instantly change the look and feel of your closet, because bulky and mismatched hangers add weight and visual clutter.  There are metal and wood ones, but I prefer the flocked kind because I feel they're gentler on my clothes and I also appreciate that nothing slips off them since that flocked fabric makes everything 'stick.'

My Zero Based Budget Template.  It's so helpful for staying on top of my budget.  Giving every dollar a job is key and tracking it digitally in a spreadsheet like this gives me a great monthly overview.  I love seeing the percentages of each category.  And it really ensures that I don't forget anything, like bills that don't come up every month or saving for holidays.  People have this notion that budgets are too restrictive, but they're not at all.  Once you make your categories and understand where your money needs to go, the budget gives you permission to spend on everything else, because you know your bases are covered.

Evernote.  I do love paper planners, because I like writing.  But Evernote is always with me because it's on my phone and on the web.  It's free, and it's just the best place for me to make running lists.  I can check in on them anytime I need to.  Particularly for things that are months away, so I never forget where I wrote something down.  And for making stockpile lists, so I can check whether or not I need more toilet paper or vinegar when I'm at Costco.  Making a second trip back to Costco would be the worst.  I also really like Evernote for keeping track of our various utility accounts along with the login information for online bill pay and otherwise scanning in and storing any important notes or paperwork so I never have to keep paper copies around.  It's my most used app for sure.

What organizational products are you loving lately?  Which are you looking to add to your home?  Let me know and enter the giveaway:

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