Wednesday, September 18, 2019

More Things I Talked Myself Out of Buying

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The last time I posted about what I've talked myself out of buying this year was back in March.  But since all of 2019 is my year of no shopping, I've of course run into more roadblocks since that post in terms of things I've wanted to buy but haven't.  Here's just a few examples:

New Planner.  I really, really wanted a new planner when I started my new job.  This was probably the hardest thing to resist.  Just something about starting a new life move that big makes me want a new planner and system to track things.  And that Living Well planner was very, very tempting.  But I absolutely didn't need it, since I already had plenty of planner things to be used.  What I did do was pull out the Passion Planner I had but hadn't intended on using.  My Emily Ley Simplified Planner was a mid-year one (so it was over in July), but the Passion Planner ran the length of 2019.  I decided just to switch over to that one in April since there was more room to write and my new job has a lot more things to track in a day.  So it felt like it was new without me spending any money.  And then I got the new Erin Condren for free in June so I was even happier than I didn't spend the money.

Reusable Straw.  I love Final Straw, I think it's such a neat product.  It's just a folding straw that comes with it's own little carrying case so you can bring it everywhere with you.  I was pretty tempted by this just because I love the look of it and I like what the company is doing.  Definitely a brand I would want to support.  But I don't have a use for it.  We have stainless steel straws at home, and I don't have much use for a straw outside of our house.  If this is actually a product you need though, then go for it.

Water Softening Shower Head I would like to transition, eventually, to using no products on my hair and just washing with water.  It is possible!  In order to do that, you need soft water, and Chicago water is very hard.  They do make filtered shower heads though that would help with this, and I want one.  It would be better for my hair and I could drastically cut down on waste from various hair care products, including even shampoo.  However.  It does extend the length of current shower heads, and we're about pushing it for size in my current shower as it is since the ceilings are low.  It just wouldn't fit.  Additionally, I still have a ton of shampoo and conditioner that my mom has bought me over the years, since I go through it so slowly.  There's no point in getting softer water when I'd want to use up my current products anyway, and not just waste them.  So this shower filter is on hold for a couple years until we re-do our upstairs area and make it into our master suite with a much taller shower.  By then, I should have used up all the shampoo in my stockpile.  I hope.  And then I can take the time to get a nice one and buy it in person instead of just ordering everything off Amazon.

Amazon Dresses I always see super cute dresses on Amazon but that runs into the same problem as the shower head - I'm not taking the time to buy something quality, in person.  Not only is not shopping in general on my 2019 goals list, but so is not shopping online, specifically.  I'm also doing my research and not buying anything fast fashion (well, I'm not buying anything this year, as you know, but once I need new clothing I plan on being well-prepared to not buy anything fast fashion), which means that these cheap and cute Amazon dresses are definitely off the list.

Charcoal Stick.  Soon.  I loathe the taste of Chicago tap water, I think it tastes like bubbles.  And a charcoal stick is the most natural and zero waste way to purify water.  I just don't have a need for it yet because we have a Brita pitcher and I don't want to just waste the filters we have for it.  So I'll keep using that until our filter runs out and rather than buy more plastic filters to replace it, I'll get this.  Expect this bad boy to be on my Christmas list.

That's what I can recall from the last 5 months at least.  I've mentally gotten a lot better at this not shopping thing as the year has worn on.  Even with the holidays (my birthday and Christmas) approaching, because normally I'd just start adding stuff to my wish list.  But my list will be even more curated than normal this year.  What have you talked yourself out of buying so far this year?
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