Monday, September 2, 2019

September Plan With Me

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September!  We're heading into my favorite months.  Inching closer to Halloween and then cold weather and snow.  Love.  Let's get to planning:

The details about everything I use can be found here.


As always, if you want my budget template you can get that here.  First up, of course, is my recap of my August budget.  Everything went according to plan, though I did get a bump straight to my emergency fund since John repaid me some money he borrowed:

September is a different story.  I have more to spend on and different savings goals.  First of all, it's my dad's 80th birthday, so we celebrated yesterday and I gave him $1000.  Which seems semi-crazy considering we never do gifts but he gave me $1000 cash for my 25th birthday and 30th birthday and always jokes how no one gives him cash on his birthday so I finally did.  Worth every penny, he was shocked.

The other thing I'm changing up is savings/sinking funds.  Just going to put enough in to make that emergency fund number $10,000 for the moment.  John decided that our vacation next year (like February or March) will be to Disney World/Universal.  In case you're blissfully unaware of prices lately, that shit is insanity.  Based on all the stuff we want to do (I want to see Harry Potter world again, he wants to see the new Star Wars thing, which makes staying in an on-site hotel non-negotiable), I'm estimating $5,000 easy for just the two of us, since we're going to drive and stop in Nashville.  My budget is for my money alone, and he makes the same amount, but he kind of sucks at planning ahead so I'd rather save the entire estimated amount myself.  Plus Halloween is coming and we have party expenses!


Goals went okay in August.  There were some that went perfectly and some I completely forgot about.

From here on out, I have a bit of a different plan.  Since my monthly/weekly planner has space for goals, I'll be attempting to track everything in this one spot instead.  I'm still working on it for September, but here's what I have so far:

What do you have planned for September?  Is your fall budget in order?

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