Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Things I Learned (So Far) in 2019

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I feel like there's a good 'never stop learning' quote out there from Einstein, like if you stop learning you start dying?  Something like that.  And it's true.  I think it's important to keep working your brain and learning new things.  'I don't know' should never be a reason or excuse when so many resources exist to educate yourself.  Here's some things I learned in 2019 so far, whether I was conscious of it at the time or not:

Life skills, without technology.  I added 'tech free weekend' to my 2019 goals list on a whim, honestly.  I was just sick of my phone and too much television, I wanted a weekend of nothing but reading actual books.  It was glorious.  And I learned so many great skills, like how to make a heck of a lot of different foods without technology and a bunch of ways to entertain myself besides reading.  Hawkeye loved it too, we got to go on lots of walks.

More financial planning.  I've been able to do my own taxes and Roth contributions for awhile but I learned a lot more this year about staying on top of financial planning for the future.  The 401(k) will get maxed out and I selected all the investments for it myself (and it's doing well!)  I was much more strict with budgeting and tracking and even tracked all assets so I could figure out a plan for the next 5 years.  I turn 35 in November and I want to be a millionaire before 40 (completely outside of John's assets) and I finally made a plan to get there.

How to be a more healthy vegan.  The assumption that vegans/vegetarians are healthier or can't be overweight is dead wrong.  You know what's vegan?  Taco bell bean burritos, instant pudding, Duncan Hines frosting, cake mix, marshmallow ice cream topping and Hershey's chocolate syrup, guacamole, unfrosted pop-tarts, oreos, Pillsbury crescent rolls, nutter butters, bagels, soft baked pretzels...  Yeah.  You can be a really fucking unhealthy vegan without even trying.  So I learned a lot about that this year, and also about being much healthier about it.  I read tons of books and really learned what produce had what vitamins, rather than relying on supplements to get me what I need.

How much I hate sacrificing the environment for the sake of convenience.  I cared before this year.  I knew single use plastic was bad and reusable bags were good.  I recycled but I wasn't a pain about it, I didn't monitor whether my guests recycled all their beer cans or whatever.  Now?  Now I think John wants to kills me.  I think once you see it, really see it and understand it and learn about it, you can't un-see it.

That I need free weekends.  I did not have very many in 2018, even though I know that if you don't guard your time and your boundaries, no one else will.  It was just a sort of unfeasible year to do that.  I was much more aware of this in 2019 though, and I turned down more invitations to things I was only 'meh' about.  I reclaimed so much of my free time, and didn't fill it with any plans.  It was so necessary, and I loved every minute of my 'down time.'

What have you learned about so far in 2019?

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