Monday, September 16, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Here are some things you can declutter in September:

Buttons.  Do you ever actually remember where these are and what matches what items when a button does fall off your clothing?  Do you then find said button and sew it on?  Hey, some people do, and good for them.  Most people don't.  Get rid of the buttons.

Spare change.  Go cash that in, that's money sitting around!  Collect all the spare change from the house and take it to a Coinstar and change it in for an Amazon gift card so you can start a little Christmas stockpile of money.  You can also roll it yourself and deposit in the bank, but almost all banks now refuse to cash in coins that aren't rolled.  Lame.

Almost empties.  Make the effort to use things up before jumping to the next product.  If you have a bunch of these 'almost' empties, make this the month where you commit to using them all up and then recycling the containers.  You'll breathe easier at the space saved and freedom from guilt over being wasteful.

Cookbooks you never use.  I don't know, I find all my recipes online.  I still like getting Pioneer Woman cookbooks at the library but even then I just take pictures of pages and access it on my phone when cooking.  If you don't use cookbooks either, or if you have a few that you just don't open anymore, donate them.

Old spices.  They do eventually go bad, or at least they just don't have the same powerful flavors that they used to, so make sure you regularly rotate your spices.  Especially approaching this cooking/baking season, so everything tastes fresh.  If you just don't use certain ones, make note and stop buying them, because you can easily skip it or substitute it if you ever come across another recipe that requires it.

Iron and ironing board.  Don't buy clothes that need to be ironed, it'll change your life.  And then get rid of your iron and ironing board and be freeeeeee.

Extra baskets and totes.  If you've been decluttering things all year, you might be finding that you have a bunch of now empty baskets and totes that used to be full of clutter.  Instead of refilling them, stop the cycle in it's tracks and donate those extra baskets.

Stuff on the walls.  This is a really good way to reduce a cluttering feeling in a space that you may not realize is there.  If there's a lot on the walls, the eyes and therefore brain have so much to try to focus on, so much information to process.  If a space feels overwhelming to you but you don't otherwise think it has a lot of clutter, try taking stuff off the walls for awhile and see how that feels.  If you like it more plain, move the stuff to another room or get rid of it altogether.

What will you be decluttering this month?

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