Monday, September 23, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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Ways to get organized this fall:

Put away patio furniture and yard tools.  It's about that time.  I know.  Not everyone loves the approach of winter like I do, so you might be sad, but you gotta do it anyway.  Hopefully you found a way over the summer to create storage for outdoor supplies, but if not, now would be a good time to add some instead of just throwing everything in a garage or shed.  This way, everything will be protected from the approaching harsh weather, but you'll know where everything is and can pull it out again in spring.

Organize the garage.  It's too hot to organize a messy garage in the middle of summer.  But now is actually perfect weather for the task.  Our garage was a disaster for a long time, John just tossed everything in there since it's not attached to the house and he doesn't park his truck in there (and I don't have a car), but he finally made the effort to get it organized.  He put hooks on a wall to hang his ladder, plus more for hanging rakes and other garden tools, and then put in some shelving for all his tools.  It was a project, but worth it.

Cover the air conditioning unit.  Another task that has to be done before the snow hits, but won't actually take very long.  If your air conditioner didn't come with one, you can buy one easily.  It helps to protect it in the winter months, which will save you money in the long term because it'll last longer and need less servicing.

Re-work planners and create new schedules, visible to everyone.  Things change this time of year, there's sports and clubs and coaching and even just fall events to plan for like apple picking and school plays.  That means the schedule needs to be re-worked because you just don't have the time available anymore to cook a full dinner on Wednesday night and you aren't home Fridays to do laundry.  Move things around to suit your new normal, so you can still keep up with important household tasks.  Don't forget to make any major changes known to the rest of the family by keeping a calendar visible.

Organize the front closet (or other coat and boot area.)  Not only for yourself but also for any guests.  You can't have an overstuffed closet, or whatever area you use for coats, because your guests won't have anywhere to hang their things when they visit during the holidays.  Make sure you have plenty of extra space and extra hangers.  If you want guests to remove their shoes when they come in, create a space for that as well by putting a mat near the door and leaving a pair of your shoes on it.  People are more likely to get the message when they see some shoes there when they first walk in.

Utilize extra storage space.  Under the bed, on the backs of doors, even on the back of cabinet doors.  If you still had a lot of stuff to keep but can't put it in the front closet because it wouldn't leave room for guests, try storing it in these under-utilized spaces.  There are a lot of options available on Amazon for organizing solutions to hang in these areas.

Plan backwards from your sleep routine.  Just because there is more to do right now doesn't mean that you should sacrifice sleep for it.  You have to rest.  You can either choose to do it, or get run down and sick and be force to do it, but either way, you're going to rest.  Start with sleep as the most important thing you need to plan in a day and work backwards from there.  If you absolutely must be up by 7 a.m., that means you need to be asleep no later than 11 p.m., and you'll probably need to be in bed even earlier than that to really wind down.  That's your non-negotiable time frame, everything else can be scheduled in around that.

What will you be organizing from this list?

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