Monday, September 30, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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The end of September, can you even believe it?  When did that happen?  A mere 3 short months until a whole new year.  Before that happens though, here are a few ways you can simplify right now:

List 10 easy meals and keep the ingredients stocked.  I think the fall season can get a little crazy with football and pumpkin picking and tons of fall plans, so it's a good idea to have some fall back meals.  It's a lot better for you than constant take out.  Make a list of really simple recipes that you can keep the ingredients stock for and have on the table in mere minutes.  John likes frozen pizza, but I prefer quinoa and beans with salsa and some veggies on the side.  It comes together really quickly but tastes like I spent more time on it, and everything is shelf stable or can sit in the freezer.

Automate savings and investments.  Just like automating bill paying, you can also automate saving and investing.  Just log in once to set up monthly payments to your different accounts and never think about it again.  It's really nice to do this as soon as your paycheck hits your account because the savings and investments can come out of it before you even see it, so you don't spend it and also don't feel deprived.  It's for your future, after all.

Plan less activities.  There are so many fun things to do, I agree.  I love tailgating, haunted houses, zombie paintball, Halloween parties, pumpkin patches, but I just cannot do all of things things every year without getting burnt out and have enough time to decorate my own house and host our Halloween party.  Something simply has to get cut from the list.

Learn to pack light.  If you're going to start traveling soon, learn to pack light.  It makes it easier to pack, unpack, do laundry, keep track of your belongings, store things at your destination, and more.  Take the time to look up weather and activities and see what you can re-wear so you don't need to pack your whole wardrobe.  You can do this with just a carry-on, I have faith.

Use multitasking products.  You can help yourself pack light if you adopt some multitasking products into your routine.  Lips and cheeks can be stained with the same products.  Concealer can be eye primer and brow pomade can be eyeliner, as can eyeshadow.  Powder can work as dry shampoo.  It'll make your makeup kit so much simpler.  It works for skincare too, since oil can remove makeup and moisturizer skin and lips.

Create on the go kits.  Forgetting something at home and then having to spend money or be wasteful while I'm out is just the worst feeling.  To avoid that, I like to create an on the go kit that I can just grab as I leave each morning.  I like to have things like a thermos, reusable straws and utensils, reusable bags, cloth napkins, anything that I might need while I'm out and don't want to buy a disposable version of.  It's so much easier to make this kit one time and just have it ready than to think about it every morning based on your plans for the day.  If you travel frequently, or at least plan to this holiday season, you could also create a kit with your TSA approved sizes of essentials so you don't have to repack every time.

Create less content.  Just enjoy.  Not everything needs to be an Instagram stage.

Create a 'before the end of 2019' to do list.  I love doing this to clear out these last couple of months.  I always have more things I want to get done that will help me start the new year with less stress, like making sure my finances are in order and my home is decluttered.  There's always some nagging tasks that I've been putting off that go on this list, and it's motivating to get them all checked off before the January 1 deadline.

How will you be simplify between now and the end of the year?

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