Monday, October 7, 2019

Dining Room Hacks for Families with Small Kids

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When you have small children, dining rooms can become noisy, chaotic places to be. Spilled orange juice, impatient children getting up from their seats, and endless serving dishes to put away are all part of the course of spending dinner time with the family. If you want your dinner times to be a little bit slicker thanks to some handy design and advice hacks, here are some tips and tricks to try. 

Keep crockery and decoration in the sideboard 

While you may miss your finest and most ornate dining ornaments, it may have to stay in the sideboard until the little ones get a bit older and more responsible. If you have a glass-covered sideboard, you can still enjoy the aesthetic of your finest silverware or prized dishes, but without the risk of it getting smashed. You can also use the sideboard to display any other decorative items, well out of harm’s way. 

Invest in highchair-covering bibs 

Highchairs are often the last item at the table to get a wipe down, and it’s no wonder. Fiddly and prone to being the time-consuming victim of particularly messy foods, highchairs are just as frustrating as they are useful. You can now, however, buy a baby weaning feeding apron that covers both your toddler and the highchair, making the clean-up job less of a nightmare. Investing in a toddler feeding bib that can be thrown in the washing machine after a messy meal could be one of your best time-saving hacks. 

Layer shelves up high 

Until your kids start to reach the more sensible and coherent years of understanding, you will have to keep some items out of reach. This goes for your decorations, too, unfortunately. However, all is not lost. By layering your shelves up high, you can still benefit from the sight of trinkets and hanging-plants. This keeps them out of knocking and grabbing-distance, ideal for houses with small, energetic children in particular. 

Have an easy-to-reach dining table 

Having a child-friendly dining table has multiple benefits. It will make your children’s dining experience much easier and fun if they can sit up and enjoy the meal with the rest of the family. It will also encourage them to take part in the process of cooking and getting the table ready. It’s been said that encouraging your child to lay the table for you while you get dinner ready encourages them to behave themselves and act appropriately. If you don’t feel comfortable letting them carry wine or drinking glasses to the table, you may wish to invest in some plastic alternatives for this exact purpose. Thanking them and rewarding them for helping out sets a good precedent for the future. 

Sometimes, family dinner times are less than picture-perfect. Admonishing your children for fighting at the table, getting up to leave unexpectedly, and practicing less than desirable table manners are all part of the process of growing up. By making your life smoother in the meantime, you can help those all-important family mealtimes a bit slicker and easier to manage.
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