Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Plan With Me

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Halloween month, so you know it's about to be ridiculous around here.  If you guessed that we already started decorating before today, you'd be correct.  In fact, we're almost done, just a few things to add to the front of the house.  But now I know exactly what I'm missing and what we need for the party so it'll be a pricey month.  That's why we save.

The details about everything I use can be found here.  My budget template is available here.


The September budget recap:

And here's October.  No real changes, still funneling every extra penny to parties and travel since our Halloween party is at the end of this month and then I'm saving for Disney/Universal in spring of 2020.

I forgot all about the fact that I need to get this post up and set October goals so I haven't done that yet.  Whoops!  Maybe later today.

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