Monday, October 14, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Here are some things to declutter in October:

Extra furniture.  This will make such a difference in your space.  Furniture takes up the most physical space in any room in your house and decluttering anything that bulky will instantly make the room, and you, feel lighter.

Craft supplies.  Be honest about what you're willing to commit to for Halloween crafts, or any other holiday, or whether you really will bother to make a scrapbook of this year.  Start by decluttering anything that's used up or dried out and then assess what's left in comparison to the space you have available to store it.  If it's just too much, remove a project and it's corresponding supplies from your list and stockpile.

Old e-mails.  Obviously get in there and oust all the junk e-mails and sales flyers.  Unsubscribe ruthlessly.  But also take the time to delete old e-mails that are just sitting there.  If you haven't accessed them in months, you don't need them.  If they contain some sort of information you'd like to keep, sort those into folders or simply copy the information into something like Evernote.

Single use kitchen gadgets.  I can't stand these, they're so cluttery in the kitchen and totally unnecessary.  You don't need something that only cooks rice or only slices bananas, that's just crazy.  Downsize.  Donate these single use gadgets that take up space that, let's be honest, you hardly ever remember to use anyway.

Dead batteries.  If you've been playing around with things that required batteries from last Christmas, they're probably dying.  Start decluttering any dead batteries and instead invest in rechargeable ones.  Which aren't any more expensive than regular batteries, to be honest.  This way you can see just how many you're using around the house and also be prepared for the coming holidays.  (We have a boatload of Halloween animatronics that take batteries!)

Board games and puzzles.  This is the season for them, when things turn cool and you want to be home and snuggled up.  Pull out everything you have and get rid of any that don't interest you or your family anymore, anything that you've grown out of or lost a ton of pieces too.  Start playing with what's left.  Once you start, you might realize that there's still too much that will never get used again.

Tights and socks with holes.  If you're just pulling these out of storage and getting regular wear out of them, you might be finding ones that have holes or runs.  Declutter them.

What do you have that needs to leave this month?

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