Monday, October 7, 2019

Ways to Save This Month

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Here are ways to save this October:

Use coupons for candy for trick or treaters.  Almost every candy brand puts them out, so never pay full price for bags of candy.  I highly recommend following One Cute Couponer on YouTube because she focuses on a lot of candy deals this time of year so you can actually get 'the good stuff' for almost nothing.  And it's not 'extreme couponing,' she really dumbs it down and tells you where to find everything and films the transaction so you can copy it at your own store.  She's great.  Watch this one from last year, getting the candy, she's like magic (but magic you can totally copy.)

Buy candy last minute.  The savings are two-fold - (a) they actually are discounted the day of or day before Halloween and (b) you don't end up eating it all and have to re-buy it.  Yeah, I know.  I've done it too.

DIY your costume.  Store bought costumes are so expensive and only on sale after Halloween.  And DIY costumes are so much cuter anyway, and original.  Start with some basics from your own wardrobe and then add on from there.  Because even if you have to buy some felt to pin to your jeans or a headband to attach some animal ears too, you're going to end up spending way less than if you bought an entire costume at the store.

Learn to use all parts of a pumpkin.  First of all, buy pumpkins at Aldi and not at a pumpkin patch, because they're grossly overpriced there.  If you're going to carve those suckers anyway, then learn how to use all the pieces of it to really save money.  It's not that hard, and actually delicious.

Get frozen pizzas.  It's national pizza month, so they'll be on sale.  John loves this, as he loves frozen pizza.  Bonus if you have a deep freezer to store tons of it.  I honestly think that man could eat frozen pizza every day for the rest of his life and be perfectly content.

Wait as long as possible before turning on the heat.  Can you wait until November, or even closer to December?  We try to!  We do tend to turn the heat on the weekend of Halloween if it's really cold, because we have guests.  But otherwise, we maximize savings by minimizing heat.  I challenge him every year to push it closer and closer to the December 1 date.  Just wear lots of layers!

Fight illnesses naturally before they hit.  Preventive care is always cheaper, plus you don't have to pay for a doctor visit.  And who wants to be sick?  Yuck.  Elderberry syrup is as magical as One Cute Couponer as a preventative measure for flu-like symptoms.  You can buy it easily now, as well as make your own.  Other natural, preventative care immune boosters include water, apple cider vinegar, ginger, oil of oregano, citrus, garlic, turmeric, and honey, as well as regular hand washing, of course.

How will you save money this October?

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