Monday, October 28, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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I gotta say, I suck at simplifying October.  I just love Halloween too much!  But still, I have some monthly tips to share:

Commit to a theme.  Our house just looks like all things Halloween threw up on it.  Which is totally fine, we like it.  But if you really want to simplify and still have holiday fun, try committing to a theme you can use year after year.  Perhaps you want your front yard to look like a creepy cemetery and you dress up as a zombie when trick or treating.  You can then skip right past all the decor featuring clowns or aliens.  You can buy quality items and costume pieces that will last year after year so you don't need to think about it again.

Create costumes from what you own.  I'm positive you own things that can be paired together to create a costume.  Just search for last minute Halloween costumes to get ideas.  So you won't have to spend time shopping, nor will you need to create storage for pieces that are Halloween only.  Everything can go right back in your closet.  Store bought costumes are never as fun as what you create yourself anyway.

Simplify budgeting.  There are a range of ways to create a monthly budget, ranging from very simple cash only envelopes in your wallet to very complicated Excel spreadsheets that calculate all the tax implications of your latest investment.  There is no right or wrong way.  But if you've been working with a system this year that you haven't been able to stick to because it's just too much right now, simplify it.

Use a crockpot.  I love crockpot season.  I mean, I think I could use them year round, but there's something so comforting about coming home to warm food all ready to go in the fall.  Plus there's so many fall activities taking up time that crockpot cooking is just easier for busy days.  There's a crockpot version for just about every recipe you could want to make.

Charge phones outside of the bedroom.  You'll have better sleep and much more relaxed and productive morning and evening routines if you leave phones outside of the bedroom.  I charge mine in the kitchen.  You sleep better without staring at a screen right before bed, plus you won't see anything that might bother you before trying to sleep.  You also won't waste time scrolling social media or waking up to checking e-mails for 20 minutes when you could be spending that time doing a nice skincare routine or enjoying a mug of coffee while walking the dog.

Delegate something.  It doesn't all have to fall on you, it's okay to delegate.  Let someone else take the Halloween decor down off the roof.  Ask someone else to be in charge of the kid's end of season football banquet.  Switch off being the designated driver to get the kids home after basketball practice.  Schedule a few easy meals during the week and that someone else can prepare or at least get started on for you before you get home after a long day.  Just delegate something right off your to do list.

Start talking about Christmas gift giving and expectations.  It's much easier to address this now, before people really start shopping.  If you want to cut down on gifts and expenses, start telling people that that's your plan for this year.  You're more likely to get people on board with you than if you wait another month.

How are you simplifying things today?

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