Tuesday, November 5, 2019

My Birthday Wish List

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We're still two weeks away from my birthday, but John's love language is gift giving so it's something that's been on my mind.  It's not my love language, of course, but since I know he'll get me something whether I give him ideas or not, I figure I better start a list so I'm getting things I'll use and love, and not just contribute to more waste and consumerism.  You would think that I would have a long wish list going right now, since I haven't been buying anything this year, but you might be surprised.  I know I was:

Fox Naturals Products I've been working on using up my products all year in anticipation that I could then splurge on all the Fox Naturals products I want.  So I'd really love a gift card, but specifically I've been eyeing the Blue Tansy Serum, the Rose Gold Serum, a soap bar, and possibly a hair oil.

Makeup.  There's only a few things, but I have stayed far away from Sephoras and Ultas and everything else during this year because I had everything I needed.  But, as you can imagine, in a year of using up products there's some things that are running low.  MascaraEyebrow pomade.  Really just a few essentials.

Fire Pit Skulls.  Because we're a ridiculous, Halloween loving house and I want them.

Peppermint Ice Cream from Omega Diner.  There's a tiny little diner by where John went to high school and we used to go all the time after football games.  The best peppermint ice cream.  The kind that's pink with both red and green peppermint chunks.  That plus their grilled cheese is one of my all time favorite meals, and John has been taking me for my birthday for like 20 years, I'll be damned if I miss this year!

And that's my list.  Not a lot of 'stuff,' in terms of clutter that would get added to the house.  I feel like the further removed I've become from traditional consumerism, the less I want because I realize I don't have very many needs after all.

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