Monday, November 11, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Here are a few things you can declutter this November:

At least one meal or dish.  Taking just one meal off your to do list will be an improvement in your schedule.  Plus, there's probably opportunities to eat at a holiday party or have Thanksgiving leftovers for days.  Save yourself the hassle of one meal this month so you have time for other things.

A bad habit.  Why not now?  Biting your nails, smoking, sleeping with makeup on or contacts in, pick something that you hate that you still do and commit to decluttering it from your life right now.  Kick a bad habit before the end of the year so you can start 2020 fresh and not have to have it on your resolutions list.

Tempting desserts.  It's danger season for the waistline, I tell ya.  The treats start a little earlier for me since my birthday is the 20th but still, even the holiday stuff starts rolling in.  Get rid of it.  You don't need it.  It's not good for you and you already know what it tastes like so do you really need to eat another one?  Nope.  Get it out of your house.

Plastic food containers.  Glass is much better for you.  Longer lasting and there's no weird chemicals that will leech into your food.  Plus glass is endlessly recyclable, so it's better for the environment.  Weed out all the plastic containers and lids from the depths of your kitchen cabinets and replace them with glass.  If you're buying containers in anticipation of Thanksgiving leftovers, hit the thrift store for glass ones at a discount.

Itchy blankets and pillows.  Why bother?  There's so many soft and lovey blankets and pillows out there, stop holding on to something uncomfortable just because you've had it forever or aesthetically it looks nice in your living room.  Comfort wins.

Candles you can't stand.  I pretty much love all of them but John is picky when it comes to scents.  There's a few I burn only when he's away at the firehouse!  If you're likewise picky and have received a candle that you just can't stand the smell of, give it away.  Don't force yourself to use it and be miserable.  Someone will be happy to take it off your hands.

Guilt about things you didn't get done this year.  Nope, you don't need it.  Get rid of it.  We can make all the plans and intentions that we want but things are going to happen the way they happen, you can't control everything.  Let go of any residual guilt that you didn't lose 20 pounds this year or finish decluttering your home because you took care of a sick kid or parent.  Life happens.  You can try again later.

People who don't make you happy.  Another thing you definitely don't need.  If you still have anyone in your life that only brings you down, goodbye.  Thanks for the lessons about how not to treat people, but I've learned enough.

What are you committing to decluttering this month?

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