Monday, November 4, 2019

Ways to Save This Month

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A few ways you might save money in November:

Buy next year's Halloween decor.  It's on insane sale today.  What you need is also fresh in your mind since you just had everything on display.  We love Halloween so we use this week to get decor we were eyeing at 50% off or more, plus any party supplies we need since we host an annual Halloween party.  You could even buy costumes, if you see one you love and will wear.

Buy discount candy in fall colors.  The Halloween candy is discounted at over 50% now, just because it's branded for Halloween.  First of all, sometimes it's only the outer packaging that's branded, and once you open it up the individually wrapped inside pieces are completely normal. And second of all, orange, brown, gold and red wrapped candies still fit with a Thanksgiving theme.

Stock up on baking supplies.  Everything is on sale since we're approaching holiday dinner and cookie baking time.  Thankfully, these supplies have a very long shelf life and are good for many more things that holiday sweets.  Spices are on sale too, so stock up on what you generally cook with throughout the year so you don't have to buy it at full price in 2020.

Participate in No Spend November.  A lot of people do no spend months right now, in anticipation of December.  That way, they have a nice stockpile to spend on Christmas gifts, since they didn't spend November getting little nonsense things like magazines or candles.  You might make an exception for Black Friday if you have a gift you know you need to get but otherwise, try cutting out all unnecessary spending.

Stay out of the mall.  And Target.  If you have a shopping problem, don't test your resolve by spending time in shopping centers (or Target, if that's your weakness), looking for Christmas gifts for other people.  You will inevitably buy something you don't need.  We only have so much willpower in a day, don't waste it on this.  Shop online or only with a carefully planned gift list.

Calculate purchases in terms of hours worked instead of cost.  I think everyone needs a reality check this time of year because the marketing surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday is strong.  Realistically, you know that you don't need it, because you didn't even know it existed before you saw the sale flyer, but you somehow end up buying it anyway because it's such a good deal.  It's not.  Nothing is a good deal if you didn't intend to buy it and don't actually need it.  To combat this, stop looking at things as mere cost of the item and instead calculate exactly how many hours you would need to work to pay for said item.  Hours directly taken away from family, friends, hobbies, even sitting on the couch watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  It's not so appealing anymore, is it?

Check your credit report for free.  You know you can do it online, you know it's free at least once a year, and you know there's 3 different companies you can use so technically you could get it free every 4 months if you wanted.  So just do it.  The earlier you catch a problem, like someone stealing your identity, the better.

Don't skimp on preventative healthcare.  Schedule those doctor's appointments that your health insurance covers before the end of the year.  Like cleaning gutters or servicing air conditioners or getting your oil changed, it's so much easier and cheaper to prevent problems and catch them early than it is to treat them when it's almost too late.  Your health is no exception.

How will you be saving money this month?

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