Friday, December 13, 2019

6 Reasons I Love Winter

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It's not technically winter yet, according to the calendar, but we're close.  Next week.  And it's my very favorite, I just love this time of year.  For reasons that have nothing to with Christmas, since I love winter well into January and February.  Here are 6 reasons why, for day 6 of my 12 days of Christmas posts:

1. An extra layer of fat is insulating.  Like a polar bear.  I know I offered up ways to stay healthy yesterday but sometimes it's okay to have that extra helping of mashed potatoes or pecan pie.  Because you're simply insulating yourself for winter.

2. You can get warmer in winter.  You can add layers and layers and snuggle up to a fire.  There's only so much you can do to get cooler in summer.

3.  Everything is quieter.  Especially when it snows, there's peace in the wintertime.  Summer is loud and busy, and of course full of tourists here in Chicago.  Even schedules are noisy.  Although schedules can be busy leading up to Christmas too, I make sure mine isn't.  And January is of course my most quiet month, when I barely leave the house - I love it.

4. Everything is prettier.  And doesn't smell like summer in the city.  I think nature is prettier in winter.  I'm not a trees and flowers type of person, I think everything looks better under a layer of glittering snow.  Plus everything is lit by the glow of holiday lights and candles.  And if you've ever smelled summer in Chicago?  It's disgusting.  The heat just brings out all the horrible smells.

5. The food is better.  Summer is all about salads and fruit smoothies.  I dislike both of those things.  Give me soup and roasted vegetables and all the warm, hearty foods any day.

6. Bugs are dead.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that the fact that there's not a mosquito to be seen is among my very favorite things about cold weather.

I'd move to Alaska except that the weather is actually harsher here in Chicago.  Are you a winter person too?  Or just barely hanging on until spring?

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