Monday, December 23, 2019

Four Tips for Transforming Your Home in the New Year

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The new year is an excuse for fresh starts and ambitions in your life. It’s also a wonderful time to take a look around your home and find ways you can improve it, reshape it, and transform it into something that feels entirely new and exciting. With the help of your partner and your family, use the four tips below to transform your home over the course of 2020 into something that truly reflects you and your values. 

New Layout 

If you’re feeling bold as we enter a new decade, you may consider doing something a little drastic — especially to the rooms that are in the downstairs section of your home. If you’re looking for truly transformational results, why not consider smashing through a wall or two to make an open-plan living space? This would join and link your dining room with your living room and your kitchen, and create the kind of space that a whole family can happily relax in. It takes building work, but this is a truly transformational idea. 


The second most extensive interior redecoration in this list comes in the form of a simple, yet time-consuming, refurbishment. If you go over every simple aspect of your home, from the front door to the bathroom tiles, you’ll find a long list of things that need your attention. If you then make sure that each issue is dealt with — and walls are painted, windows refitted, floors cleaned, and surfaces polished — you will certainly feel the effects of living in a totally different, and transformed, home. Refurbish your home in order to make it like new for you and your family. 

Getting New Furniture 

If you’re looking for a transformational effect inside your home, there’s nowhere better to look than your old and battered set of furniture that has been with you for years, if not decades. Out with the old, and in with the new — that’s exactly what New Year celebrations are all about. If you’re to truly transform your home in 2020, and make it into a place where you can be truly happy, then you need comfortable, stylish Italian furniture that looks the part, as well as feeling great to sit in. 


Finally, it’s certainly worth mentioning the new brands and incarnations of technology that are featuring ever more in homes across the country. As we head into a new decade, there are some wonderful ‘smart home’ devices that the whole family can enjoy at their leisure, including the likes of smart speakers, smart heating systems, and even home helpers, like Amazon Alexa. Look up the best of these online in order to find ways in which you can transform your home without the need to rip out walls or paint new one. Simply by implanting technology throughout your home, you can give it the upgrade that it needs. These four tips will help the New Year celebrations end in new home planning for your family and your home.

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