Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2020 Goals, January Check-In

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At the end of 2019, I posted about my 20 goals for 2020, a sub-goal off my 101 in 1001 list.  In order to keep myself on track with those and the rest of my 101 goals, I'm going to check in at the end of every month with the progress I've made.  Thankfully, I do already have two checked off to report in on!

  1. Start a 'Witch Wednesdays' podcast with Tara.  Success!  You can listen here, if you haven't been.  We have 4 episodes live and another will be up tomorrow.  If you are listening, thanks for tuning it and I hope you're enjoying the content as much as we are.
  2. Get a new kitchen trash can.  Yes!  I cannot even tell you how long I put this off.  8 months, at least.  I just couldn't commit until it was on a goals list, and then I needed to get it checked off.  We got this one.
  3. Rescue my Facebook photos.  I tried.  Kind of.  So I at least figured out what e-mail address my account was under, which was half the battle, and I still have access to it.  I couldn't reset the password via text - even though that is my same phone number, I'm not getting any of the pin code texts for some reason.  So pretty much the only way for them to unlock it is to scan, upload, and e-mail them my driver's license.  Which isn't an issue, I can do it.  I just haven't, because I've been lazy.
  4. Ban non-workout related ponytails for a month.  I had to make a real effort but eventually it came naturally. No ponytails for the month of January, except when on the treadmill.
  5. Complete another fitness challenge with Tara.  We talked about it but didn't do it in January. We picked March.
  6. Visit Alarmist Brewery and Albany Place Kitchen and Bar.  These are places I want to visit when it's nicer outside.
  7. Create a 'Legacy Drawer.'  I checked what was already in the safe and made an index, and then made a list of what I would still need to gather.  So, in progress.
  8. Play the other side of mini-golf at Novelty Golf.  Again, something for nicer weather.
  9. Find a new cause to volunteer for and donate to.  I didn't think about this one yet.
  10. Visit John at his new firehouse, with baked goods.  Not yet.  
  11. Complete Project3000.  I keep steadily working at it, and the influx of Christmas things definitely helped, but I still have a long way to go.
  12. Get or plan for new couch.  This was actually done in December but I didn't feel like making a new goal for the year.
  13. Stick to one planner for a full year.  Working on it! 
  14. Get the next Invisalign tray.  Lol.  No.  After not wearing it for so long, I'm pretty much back to the first tray, out of the four I had.  But at least I'm wearing it, so I can move up to tray 2 again.  Slowly but surely.
  15. Create a new 101 in 1001 list.   The plan is to have it start in December.  I have the goals planned but I'm not finalizing it just yet.
  16. Post monthly 'what I read' posts to the blog.  The first one is up so I'm off to a good start.  It definitely has kept me on track with reading, even in the first month.
  17. Have at least 20 'no spend' days every month.  Thankfully this is easy to track in my planner and thankfully January is a super slow and quiet month in terms of shopping.  So I did hit my 20 no spend days this month.
  18. Celebrate every sabbat.  Haven't had one yet, the first is coming this weekend and I definitely plan on doing something for it.
  19. Use the treadmill 3x per week.  I actually stuck to this fine in January.  More than 3 times per week, because it's too cold to walk too far outside.  So my only real option is the treadmill.  I didn't miss any days, and I don't plan to for the rest of the month.  I'll be ahead of the count!
  20. Save 75% of my income.  Had a no spend January, so on the right track.  But this one will need to be monitored all year.
That's my January check in.  4 out of 20 in the first month isn't bad at all, and I'm glad the year long ones are actually in progress.  Did you make any goals or resolutions for 2020?  How did the first month go for you?

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