Friday, January 31, 2020

What I Didn't Buy in January

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I have a new, end of each month series that I'll be sharing in 2020, which I completely stole from one of my favorite ladies, Shannyn, who did this all last year on her YouTube channel.  She spent 2019 on a shopping ban each month documented all the things that tempted her, that she would have purchased if it was a normal year.  She tracked how much she saved each month by not buying those things and instead invested that money.  The results were amazing, she saved hundreds every month - thousands a few times!  So all this month, I did the same.  Tracked everything I was tempted to buy but didn't, and calculated how much that saved me.


Unicorn Tea Infuser - $12.95.  Zero use for this thing.  It's cute though isn't it?  I do enjoy loose leaf tea, but I don't find it necessary to have multiple infusers.  I also wondered how well it would actually work, but I don't think that's the main point of this particular infuser.

Glossier Balm Dotcom Lip Balm - $12.  Something about the berry flavor really tempted me.  Not sure how Instagram got that particular targeted ad right, but they did.  Although I do use up lip balms, I don't have the need for one at the moment, so I was able to resist.  Not easy though.  Anyone have any experience with these?  Should I try one some day?

Sports Bras - $20.50.  They're a really good deal and got good reviews but... do I spend enough time working out to justify any more than the one sports bra I already own?  Definitely not.  I added them to my cart and then took them out, so they still make this list.

Stila Eyeshadow Palette - $52.  I'm already working on an Urban Decay one and realizing that I don't like powder shadow on a daily basis and yet I legitimately almost bought this one while standing in Ulta.  I have no idea why, other than being drawn to the colors.  The formula swatched really nicely too, I really wanted it.  I'm glad I started working on my stockpile, otherwise I very well may have bought this on the spot.  Woof.

Besame Mascara - $25.  I'm still intrigued by this zero waste mascara, but I haven't committed.  This Besame one is a cake mascara that comes in a tin.  Add a little water and dip the brush in to make mascara without the plastic tubes.  A great idea but I don't know how the product will work, so I don't know that I want to dive into that yet.  Still thinking about it.

Total Amount Saved: $122.45

That total is without even factoring in taxes and shipping charges.  I have no idea what I plan to do with that money, unlike Shannyn.  I do a lot with investing as it is so I'm not sure I'm going to chuck all that money at investments solely, but I'm definitely doing to do something worthwhile with it.  Will report back!

Have you saved at all this month by not buying anything?  Anything on this list tempt you too?  Damn you, post-Christmas sales.

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