Monday, January 13, 2020

What I'm Trying to Use Up in 2020 (Starting Stockpile)

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I can't yet decide if this is going to be a doozy of a thing to track or not.  But here we go anyway.  This year, I'm tracking my starting stockpile of consumable goods.  We regularly clear out the pantry so I'm not concerned about that, but I am concerned about everything else that we should theoretically be using up before we restock.  Makeup for me, razors for John, household supplies like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Why?  I'm glad you asked.

Even though this seems a little ridiculous, I have good intentions.

Saving Money.  Makeup is probably one of the hardest things for me to resist, because new releases are always super pretty and also super hyped up.  And I do use and love makeup, so it's easy for me to justify the purchase as something I will definitely get use out of.  However.  Makeup has a shelf life and I currently have enough of it.  Probably more than I can use before it goes bad, and I have one little box of stuff!  So I think this project will help me avoid impulse purchases.

Sustainability/Less Waste.  I hate wasting things and I hate buying products in wasteful packaging.  I don't want to not use something because I have so much backlog that I don't get to it before it goes bad.  And I also don't want to get so excited about new, sustainable products that I buy them before I finish what I have.  I want to finish products and then decide if I really need that type of product in my arsenal and if so, find a zero waste or DIY natural option.

Knowledge in General.  I do not go through things as fast as I think I do.  None of us do.  That's how we end up with so many backups in the linen closet.  I want to know exactly how long it takes me to use up every item.

So, now I know you're wondering - what exactly is in my starting stockpile?


Honey.  I use honey to wash my face and this one is close to 3/4 full.  That will last a long time, actually.
Face Wash.  I have a Lush Angels on Bare Skin, which I will definitely use up and replace, and a redness reducing face wash my mom had gotten as part of a set.  Clinique isn't cruelty free but I don't want to waste it.
Face Lotion.  The Clinique set came with a lotion as well.
Serum.  I love the solid serum bars from Lush to use after washing my face.  I have one almost new one and one back up right now.
Oil.  I have a full bottle of oil.  At one point it was all almond oil, hence the container, but since then I decanted a few almost empty other bottles of oils so it's a bit of a mix.  I use this for removing makeup mostly.
Eye Cream.  I have no idea where this little pot of eye cream came from but I don't waste things so I'll use it.
Retinoids.  I have two half bottles from The Ordinary that I've been working on.
Sugar Scrub.  I don't really use scrubs and if I do, I'd make my own with items from my kitchen, but this was a gift and I'm just going to use it up and be done with it.  It's still almost full.
Crystal Deodorant.  Eh, this will last me years but I plan on continuing it.
2 Lip Balms.  I consider these more skincare, because they're throw in my bag type balms.  These are just minis and should go quick.
Soap.  I'm pretty one in, one out with soap, so I'm not worried about this.  But hey, let's see how long it takes to get through a bar!  This one was a Christmas gift so it was brand new at the start of the year.
Nail Polish Remover.  I haven't worn polish in a long time so I really don't need this any more.  Need to think about this one.
Lotion.  I have this random half bottle of lotion I never use, but maybe John will work through it?


Detangler.  As long as I leave the conditioner on for awhile, I really don't need detangler.  But I have this, so I'm going to use it up.  But then not repurchase.  It's less than half full.
Dry Shampoo.  I really don't use dry shampoo.  I already stretch my hair washing to close to a week so if it's time for dry shampoo, it's probably time to just wash my hair.  My mom got me this on a whim, and I use it maybe once a month.
Shampoo.  My mom washes her hair every day and thinks the rest of the world does too.  So when she's at the salon and shampoo is on sale, she buys it for herself, and for me - she assumes I must be low too.  However, I wash my hair once every 5 days or so.  I've told her I don't need anything and I've slowed the influx, but the backlog remains.
Conditioner.  Same.
Smoothing Lotion and Shine Spray.  I have these two Moroccan Oil products for when I blow dry my hair, which is almost never so I've had these for a very long time.


SPF Cream.  This was part of that whole set my mom got.
Concealer.  My favorite, from RMS.  It's amazing how much is in one container but still, I think I can get it finished.
Eyeshadow.  I really like cream shadow on a daily basis, it's just so much easier and faster.  But I hate to waste the palette in the second picture by using it only when I want super colorful looks, so I need to commit and use it up.
Eyeliner.  This is the Stila liner in a pot, and I think it might dry out before I use it up but I'm trying.
Brow Pomade.  This one is from Plume.  I generally use it before it turns so I think I can make this one work all the way to the end of the product.  Win.
Mascara.  Like soap, mascara is one in, one out so I buy it only when I feel like I really killed the tube.

Lipstick.  It's completely unlikely that I'll get through a red metallic lipstick in a year, even if it is already a year+ old.  Nude, maybe.  Red metallic?  No.  Liquid lipsticks with a doe foot applicator just don't have the lifespan of other types of makeup though, so regardless, this is the last year for this puppy.  I want to get my money's worth before it's time to say goodbye (I got this free but you get my point.)
Highlighter.  I have this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter, which I love but rarely have a use for.  Its getting old at this point so I need to use it up or let it go by the end of the year.
Tinted Moisturizer.  I don't really use anything color correcting on my skin, but this Laura Mercier product does have SPF so it's a good extra layer during street fest season.  Again, this product is older, so I think I need to use it up this year or let it go.

What's in your starting stockpile this year?  Are you committing to using things up before allowing anything else to come in?

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