Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2020 Goals, February Check-In

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Even though it's a leap year, I'm still thrown off my the short month.  I didn't get as many checked off as I wanted (only 1) but that's okay.  Still plenty of year left, as long as I don't forget about any of them.  Hence the reason for these monthly posts - I need the accountability.

  1. Start a 'Witch Wednesdays' podcast with Tara.
  2. Get a new kitchen trash can.
  3. Rescue my Facebook photos.  I sent the driver's license and did that whole thing so waiting on them now.
  4. Ban non-workout related ponytails for a month. 
  5. Complete another fitness challenge with Tara.  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, next month!
  6. Visit Alarmist Brewery and Albany Place Kitchen and Bar.  These are places I want to visit when it's nicer outside.
  7. Create a 'Legacy Drawer.'  Everything is done, signed, and in one spot and my parents and John know how to access everything.
  8. Play the other side of mini-golf at Novelty Golf.  Again, something for nicer weather.
  9. Find a new cause to volunteer for and donate to.  I started looking and narrowed down my options.
  10. Visit John at his new firehouse, with baked goods.  Not yet, he's been on furlough.  He gets 21 (paid) days off in a row, 3 times per year.
  11. Complete Project3000.  I actually didn't do too much more on this in February but at least the progress from January still counts.
  12. Get or plan for new couch.
  13. Stick to one planner for a full year.  Still going strong, this one seems to be working well for me.
  14. Get the next Invisalign tray.  Moving up in the world, I'm back to tray 2.  Can probably go to the 3rd one soon actually, so yay me for remembering to wear these stupid things.
  15. Create a new 101 in 1001 list.  Still have all my ideas and it's in a holding pattern until December.
  16. Post monthly 'what I read' posts to the blog.  I am two for two.  Winter months are ideal for reading.
  17. Have at least 20 'no spend' days every month.  I am not quite there yet on this short month, I need to more days to get to 20.  I think I can hit it.
  18. Celebrate every sabbat.  Successfully celebrated Imbolc.
  19. Use the treadmill 3x per week.  Like January, I've been fine with this one since it's too cold out to have any other options.
  20. Save 75% of my income.  Still on track!
Only one additional one checked off but progress is progress.  How did February shape up for your goals?

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