Friday, February 7, 2020

February Zero Based Budget

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Even with leap year, February is a short month.  Which is good news for budgets.  One or two less days means one or two less days to spend!  An ideal month for a no spend challenge, if you didn't do one in January.  Or even if you did.  I'm in save save save mode this year, so every month is a no spend month in my world, though some are more strict on the entertainment side than others.  This is one of those looser months for me.

First up, my January review:

It looks a little different than what I posted in the beginning of the month as my plan, and here's why: I decided to track only what hits my bank account in terms of my check. I was tracking what comes out automatically for health insurance and my 401(k) but I know now what my insurance is every month ($190 ish) and I've set up the auto debit for the 401(k) so that I will max out that $19,500 cap by the end of the year. So rather than track these steady numbers every month, I can just track the actual dollars moving in and out of my main checking account.  I think i'll be easier this way.

That said, here's what February looks like, including what I've spent so far:

John and I really don't do anything for Valentine's Day.  Not that I have anything against the holiday, it's just not one of the days I want to pay markup on meals for.  But I still get John something small and we usually do a dinner out at some point during the month, though not on the actual day.  So it won't be a complete no spend month, but hopefully close to it.  

What do you have planned for February?  Have you made your budget?

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