Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Protect Your Vacation Home From Pests

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A vacation home, by its very name, is a home that is probably not used as much as your regular, or main home. It’s probably a fantastic place to get away to and you probably look forward to it every year. 

But, just because you’re not there, doesn’t mean that the pests aren’t making it home. Pest can do a considerable amount of damage to your home before you even realize there is an issue when you’re talking about a vacation home the problem can be even worse. 

That’s why it’s essential you take steps to protect your vacation home from pests: 

Regular Checks 

The safest and easiest thing to do is to get your local pest control company to check on the house periodically. They’ll make a small charge for checking every month but at least you’ll know they’ll spot any issues and they have the necessary tools to deal with the issues quickly and effectively. 

You should ensure they have your numbers on file ad contact you as soon as they are aware of any issue. 

Visual Inspection 

Whenever you’re at your property you should visually inspect the walls inside and out. A mouse can squeeze through a hole as small as a ballpoint pen. That’s approximately 6-7mm. 

Visually inspect your premises for any signs of holes that size or larger. If you see anything seal the hole and get your local exterminator to verify there are none in the building. 

It’s important to pay particular attention to the area around doors and windows, these are where gaps often occur and pests like to get in. 


Whenever you leave your vacation home you need to make sure that the house is properly clean and no food packets are left. It doesn’t matter if they are open or closed, a rodent can chew their way into it. All food should be stored inside plastic or metal containers and all surfaces washed down properly. This will make your vacation home less inviting to pests. 


Clutter, whether a pile of clothes, a pile of magazines, or simply a woodpile, are all great places for pests to hide. You need to make sure there is no clutter in your vacation home or around it in the garden. 

Removing rubbish and stacking wood well away from your home will decrease the chances of pests getting in. 

You should also make sure that any garden shrubs and trees are kept trimmed, this will reduce potential entry points for rodents into your home. 

Bird Feed 

It’s nice to put bird feed out while you’re staying and watch the birds enjoying themselves. However, mess made by birds is very inviting to a host of animals. You need to make sure it is completely cleared up before you leave your home. 

Finally, take a good look around everything, if there is anything that appears to be out of place take a closer look at it, you never know when a pest may strike.

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