Saturday, February 8, 2020

Room Makeovers Made Easy with PhotoWall - Which Should We Pick?

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Even though we bought this house in 2016, there's still decorating to be done.  Partially because I'm slow at it and partially because space becomes more usable as we do work on it.  That's the case with this sun room area.  Once we finally put a deck in and put the doors in this room, it became usable space.  I stuck this little table in here but that still looked so plan.

At the same time, I don't like to overdo it on decor.  As a minimalist, filling a room with 'stuff' just to make it look lived in is not what I want.  I want every space to still feel open and uncluttered, and anything that does make it into the area needs to be just right.  So we decided to put something on the wall, a statement piece, much like we did in the dining room.  Since we live in Chicago and John is a fireman, a canvas related to Chicago seemed like the right way to go.

PhotoWall was the absolute best option for us.  We really wanted a canvas print that we could customize as far as size goes and not pay outrageous prices, and PhotoWall offered exactly that.  We ended up ordering two so we could put one in this spot and save the other for the basement (which is a project for another day, friends.

The ordering process was super simple, they had a ton of choices but you can also upload your own photos and artwork.  You get to completely customize the size and what the edges look like, and it was at our door within 3 days of placing the order.  This is how the package arrived:

Inside, the two prints were rolled up together, safely, along with the wooden frames.  The joint pieces came in that white bag.

The put together process was incredibly easy.  Just lay the print face down and align each wooden piece along the edges.  The wood has a sticky strip on one side.  Just peel back the protective layer and stick!  Then roll the wooden piece inward one time.  The silver brackets are then placed at each corner and you simply twist those screws into the pre-drilled holes, no tools required.

It also comes with the mounting hardware so you can hang it securely.  Here's the first one we started with:

Pretty right?  Look at that detailing!  Having the edging go around the sides like that is an option you can choose as you customize (no extra charge.)

And here's the other piece!  We went with more neutral colors and the larger size here:

Which do you think fits this space best?  Let me know in the comments.

Want to see what the options are and get your own?  Use the promo code notentirelyperfect2021 as many times as you like before March 10!  You can also check out wall murals, wallpaper, and posters.  It's incredibly simple to makeover a room with any of these options.

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