Monday, February 10, 2020

What I've Decluttered Lately

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Even as a minimalist, I always have things to declutter.  Stuff does not stop coming in, as much as I don't shop.  Things get used up and replaced, seasons change, John acquires Christmas gifts, etc.  So I do still keep a (smaller) running donation box to add things to when I come across items that aren't serving their purpose anymore.  Here's what I've added to it lately.  Maybe something on this list will inspire you to check around your house:

John's Clothing.  He'll go years without getting rid of a single thing but then all of the sudden get it into his head that he needs to sort every last sock.  I take what I can get!  He really bulked up in the last couple of years so his old shirts just don't fit across the chest or his arms anymore.  He asked for clothing for Christmas, but I made it pretty clear that that was only going to happen if there was room in the closet and dresser drawers.  So he went on a decluttering spree and got rid of everything that just didn't fit.  Sure, I had to add in the new stuff, but still.  It was good to see some of those old things go finally.

Old Sheets and Towels.  Off to the animal shelter!  The towels went when we got new ones and we got rid of an extra sheet set so we just have the one back up now, along with the set on our bed and the set on the guest bed.  How many more do we need?

Used Up Items.  Decluttering can include empties, and I really made it a mission in 2019 and continuing this year to use up the items in our home.  Particularly in my bathroom, via my skincare and makeup.  I had a lot of bottles to recycle.

Paperwork.  The enjoyable thing about year's end is being able to get paperwork in order, do what I need to do with it (filing taxes) and then get rid of it.  I almost never get printed paperwork in the first place, but when something slips through, I like to scan it as quick as possible so the paper can get composted or recycled.

Phone Apps.  I do this regularly.  I hate a cluttered phone.  In fact, I keep everything to a single page.  I try out new apps all the time, to see if I like a particular calendar or e-mail or photo editing service better than any other, and once I decide, I get rid of the apps that don't make the cut.  I also regularly make sure I'm using everything I've chosen to keep.

E-mails.  I always get subscribed to e-mail lists around Christmas.  Either I signed up to get a discount on a gift purchase, or some company I did sign up with sold my e-mail address to someone I didn't sign up with.  This is why I use one solely for spam like that.  Still, sorting spam is annoying, so I make sure to get in there and unsubscribe to just about everything.

Empty Boxes/Containers.  It took awhile to get Christmas things sorted and put in their proper place.  Or to even start using them.  End of year is busy for both of us.  But once we finally conquered that, we were able to recycle all the boxes and containers that weren't being used.

Unused Spices.  I feel like there were a couple that I held on to for Christmas-y purposes and, once Christmas passed without using them, I had to be honest and let them go.  To my parents' house, but still.  They're out of mine!

Holiday Decor.  We made it a point in 2019 with both Halloween and Christmas to display everything we had that we loved and had space for.  If it didn't make the cut, it never would, so we decluttered it.  You'd think we kept everything Halloween, given what our house looks like in October, but we actually didn't.  We've upgraded in decor over the years, so some of the early, cheaply made stuff was falling apart and it got the boot.  Lesson learned, always - buy quality and buy it once.

What have you decluttered lately?  Anything on my list give you any ideas for your own space?

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