Monday, March 16, 2020

Common Things I Just Don't Own

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One very common clutter trap is keeping things just because everyone else has one, so you think you're supposed to too.  But if you don't own a home, what's the point of keeping a lawnmower?  Not everything that works for someone else has to work for you - pumpkin spice lattes make me gag, for example - and that mentality absolutely applies to the stuff in your home as well.  Here are a few things that I just don't own, even if many other people do.  Maybe something on this list will spark a declutter session in your own home.

DVDs.  I got rid of all my DVDs and CDs years ago.  I decided they just weren't something I was using enough to carry from apartment to apartment.  Everything I watch or listen to is digitally saved somewhere or available through an app like Netflix.  I have no interest in going back to DVD and CD days, it's too much clutter.

Alarm clock.  I just use the alarm on my phone.  Or John, really.  He has to be up earlier for work than I do so I mostly just let him wake me.  I keep my phone out of the room but in a spot where I can still hear the alarm, so this system works fine for me.

Home phone.  Everything is cell phone these days but I do know some home phone holdouts.  Mine and all my friends' parents, really.  I don't know why my parents are so tied to the landline, but it's not something I ever intend to get!

House plants.  I know how popular these are, but no matter how many pretty ones I've seen, I just don't do house plants.  I cannot commit to caring for a plant, even an easy one, and I would feel really bad when it died.  And I don't want to do fake ones because I don't want to dust the leaves all the time.

Loofah.  They're just plastic.  And can harbor bacteria.  I'd rather just stick with bar soap and a wash cloth that can be washed and reused indefinitely.

Bath accessories.  I don't take baths.  Makes it pretty simple to not keep any bath accessories around.  I just don't like baths, the whole concept is kind of gross to me and I don't find it a relaxing experience.  Even though I know they're hugely popular, they aren't for me.  Which means I don't keep bath bombs or salts or bath trays to hold wine and a book or neck pillows - anything that is bath specific has no place in my house.

Foundation.  I stopped wearing foundation.  Although my cheeks are always still really red for the rosacea, I pretty much just don't care.  Foundation is too much work and my skin prefers to breathe, so I just use an SPF moisturizer and call it a day.

Magazines.  I used to love magazines but they're just ads now, more so than ever.  I also used to keep them around, especially old issues of Real Simple, because they would have articles or recipes I wanted to reference later.  But I never actually went back to them.  I know a lot of people do this, but I'm not one of them.  I also don't bother keeping them around for guests, because I've never actually had a guest read one before.

Watches.  I really can't stand tight things on my wrists, I even make events let me put my own wristband on.  I also don't wear anything with sleeves that go all the way to the wrist.  Major issues, I tell you.  So, I don't have watches.  Not an Apple watch, not a FitBit, not a regular time-telling watch.  Nothing.

Instant pot.  These have gotten so popular!  But I haven't come across a recipe yet that I could just modify to be made in the crockpot or oven, so I don't feel the need to add another gadget to my kitchen.

Special dishes.  I don't know how common this actually is anymore.  I don't think people really register for special wedding china that they only pull out at the fanciest of occasions, like my parents did.  But something that is common is dishware and cookware that are only used seasonally, whether that's because it's in Christmas colors or is used only to cook and baste a turkey once a year.  Anything that has a place in my kitchen gets used year-round.

A wallet and cards to fill it.  I don't own a wallet because I don't own cards.  I have my driver's license and bus pass, and occasionally I'll have my debit card on me.  But I don't have credit cards and loyalty cards are all saved on the store's system under your phone number so those are pointless to carry around too.

Suitcase.  Since we don't travel much, I don't own a suitcase.  I do have a weekender bag, because there hasn't been an instance where I need anything bigger.  But that's it - no suitcase of any kind.  John doesn't own one either.

Anything on the list that you don't have either?  What's something common that you just don't own?

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