Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to Keep Your Home Smelling Great

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Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean can be tough sometimes. Even if you manage to stay on top of vacuuming and laundry, there are a bunch of things that could be causing bad odors to develop. While you might be able to mask some smells with scented candles or air fresheners, others need to be taken care of at the source. Here are some suggestions for you to investigate if your home is smelling less than clean. 

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned 

If you have been noticing an inexplicable moldy or musty smell developing throughout your home, it might be time to have your air ducts inspected. Over time, moisture and dust can build up along the inside lining of the ducts that run through your whole house. If this is left unchecked then mold and mildew can grow which will result in a foul smell being pumped all through your house every time the air conditioner kicks in. 

The presence of this sort of smell in your house, or if the air doesn’t seem as fresh as it should be, means its time to schedule an attic duct service appointment. You should especially do this if you can see any mold or mildew spots near your HVAC system. The sooner you tackle AtticProjects such as these the sooner your home will be smelling fresh once again. 

Shampoo Your Carpets 

Musty smells in the home might be coming from the carpeting. The regular foot traffic that your carpets endure can result in debris getting trapped in the fibers. Furthermore, carpeting can be the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow

These are just a few reasons to have your carpets shampooed every so often. Cleaning out all the dirt, mud, and grime that can accumulate there will not only improve the smell of your home but it can also go a long way to improving the air quality as well. 

Clean the Garbage Disposal 

Another place that bad odors can develop is the garbage disposal in your kitchen. The disposal is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to cleaning up after mealtime. That being said, when so much food waste is processed through it, some pretty gross buildup can accumulate over time. 

Thankfully, cleaning this appliance isn’t a difficult task. While there are some products that you can buy that will do the job just fine, they tend to contain harsh chemicals that can corrode the pipes leading from the kitchen sink if used too frequently. Instead, once every week or two you can clean the disposal yourself with a solution of baking soda and vinegar. 

Clean the Kitchen Garbage Can 

No matter how often you take out the trash, your kitchen garbage can is sure to develop some debris buildup over time. This grime can really begin to smell after a while. Every so often, clean out your garbage can using a bleach and water solution so as to kill and clean out any foul odor causing bacteria that could be lurking inside.

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