Wednesday, April 29, 2020

My Happiness Habits

I had a draft of this post sort of just milling around, but I decided to finally finish it after reading Sara's post last week. Because who couldn't use an extra little dose of happiness now? I am all about figuring out what works as self-care for me. These are the things that I know help me enjoy my day and be more present in every moment. Need a little more slowed down intentionality in your days too? Maybe one of my favorites will work for you too:

Enjoying nice, clean sheets. There are a lot of 'typical' tasks that I'm skipping lately. Wearing makeup is a big one. Not washing my hair as often (I already only did it twice a week and now it's pushing closer and closer to once.) But one thing I am most definitely not skipping is how often I wash the sheets. No matter what else is going on in life or how that particular day went, happiness is climbing into bed on freshly washed sheets.

Making good coffee. I agree that the Keurig is the ultimate in convenience. But now that I have so much time at home, do I need the convenience of the under two minutes cup of coffee? No. So I cannot express how happy it makes me to buy really nice coffee grounds and take the time each morning to brew it. And then pour it over ice, because I am who I am. Just having those quiet minutes each morning, to make something for myself and notice the smell of the grounds, while I stay off my phone and just enjoy the moment, feels almost old fashioned. Peaceful. And then to sit outside and drink it as slowly as I want to while the dogs play in the yard? Perfect.

Keeping fluffy towels. If you don't know how to properly wash towels so they stay fluffy, I highly recommend you learn. John will chuck them in with his regular clothes and no no no no no. So when we got all new towels, I took over and now they stay fluffy and lovely all the time. With all the hand washing, I appreciate the soft towels.

Morning and evening routines. I have gotten very far away from this and I can tell in my mood. I benefit greatly from book-ending my days with some sort of routine. I find it very soothing, and it's something that signals to my brain when it's time to wake up and when it's time to sleep. My sleep schedule has been completely off track without it. It's actually on my 101 list to intentionally makeover my former morning and evening routines in order to suit my current lifestyle. Which brings me to:

Working on 101 lists. I'm starting my 4th list on Friday. I know it seems strange to start a whole goals list during this time but the fact is that making progress on these lists makes me happy. I don't need to be the same level of productive that I was two months ago but that doesn't mean I want to get nothing done and it doesn't mean I don't still have goals. The goals have just shifted a bit.

Eating dark chocolate. Who else is with me on dark chocolate being the best chocolate option? Dark chocolate for life! I don't think this one needs any explanation.

Lighting candles. I know that people don't use as many candles in the spring and summer months but it's definitely a happiness habit for me. I change the scents up to match the season and keep lighting them all year long. It makes my space feel more homey. The smells always remind me of certain memories and watching the flame is soothing. Lighting a candle while I have an afternoon tea is such a nice reward for getting the morning's household tasks finished.

Turning on (a lot of) fairy lights. There's just something about the soft light along delicate strands that I just love. It's another tangible thing that makes my space feel like home. Overhead lighting is so harsh, particularly in the mornings when it's not quite bright enough outside to light the room. Perfect time for turning on the fairy lights and easing into the day.

What are your happiness habits lately?
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