Thursday, May 14, 2020

5 Summer Fashion Trends

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Since most of all the world is shut down due to COVID-19, there have been literally no celebrations within the last couple of months. However, just because the outlook is a little dreary and you may be lacking any real motivation or reason to put on “real” clothes at the moment, you can still be aware of the summer trends on the horizon so you are able to daydream in style.

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1, Bra accents
Maybe you haven’t even thought of a bra since lockdown started and your office is now your kitchen table, but once the world opens up, those suckers are now an accessory and a necessity. Summer 2020 is all about showing off your brassiere from lace bandeaus or sequined “Selena” bras, underwear is now outerwear.

2, Puffed sleeves
The flowy sleeve isn’t anything new, but this trend is adding more to the bell sleeve of the hippies. Seinfeld would be a fashion icon because the puffy shirt is all the rage this summer with the puff being at the shoulder or down the arm, it is 2020s shoulder pad.

3. Funky shoes or boots with dresses
The ’90s seem to never die when it comes to fashion and grunge it making its way back to the catwalk. Feminine dresses are being paired with chunky, Doc Martin like boots or even chunky, FILA-like tennis shoes. The look is all about mixing your girly side with your tough, masculine side.

4. Bucket hats
Another ’90s trend that has come back to haunt, I mean flaunt, itself on the runway. You can shield your face from the harsh summer sun with a stylish pastel bucket hat that seems to be so versatile that it can be worn with anything from a dress to a pant suit. From bright colors to easy-to-match nudes, these hats seem to bring the fun out of anyone.

5. Oversized gold necklaces
A trend that seems to always be in fashion is the gold chain necklace. From men to women, and really for any season, gold accessories never seem to fade. For the summer of 2020, opt for an oversized accessory to compliment your outfit. You can leave the bling to just your neck or pair it with other jewelry if you are feeling adventurous.

From classics to oldies with a twist, this summer has a plethora of trends for everyone’s individual style. You have plenty of time to clean out your closet and update it with some trendsetting and online shopping.

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