101 in 1001

Start Date: December 1, 2015 | End Date: August 29, 2018

 Complete |  In Progress |  Incomplete


001.  Pick which yearly party to host (April 2016)
002.  Eat at a cajun restaurant for Mardi Gras (February 2017)
003.  Make Easter baskets for the dogs to find (April 2017)
004.  Make red, white, and blue jello shots (July 2016)
005.  Decorate our house for Halloween (October 2016)
006.  Go to a haunted house
007.  Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags
008.  Host Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween (October 2016)
009.  Decorate our house for Christmas (December 2016)
010.  Start a new Christmas tradition (December 2015)
011.  Pay for Christmas one year using only Swagbucks
012.  Start a New Year's tradition (January 2016)

013.  Go to the 4 main Chicago museums
014.  Spend a day at Northerly Island and stay for the fireworks (August 2017)
015.  See a stand up comedy show (June 2017)
016.  Spend a day at Arlington Park
017.  Try 5 new Chicago breweries (June 2016)
018.  Get drinks at 95th
019.  Go to Lincoln Park Zoo (when the polar bears and penguins are back)
020.  Do a dive bar crawl around my current apartment (March 2016)
021.  Get drinks at the Trump with Mom
022.  Spend the day on/around Michigan Avenue shopping at Christmas time
023.  Visit the Botanical Gardens (July 2017)
024.  Visit the Brookfield Zoo (July 2016)

Food and Drinks
025.  Eat at SuperDawg (July 2017)
026.  Eat at Omega diner and get peppermint ice cream (November 2016)
027.  Try 101 different bars and restaurants (July 2016)
028.  Try 101 different beers and drinks (August 2016)
029.  Make alcoholic granita (May 2017)
030.  Come up with a meal planning strategy (September 2016)
 031.  Drink green tea daily for 1 month (September 2016)
032.  Be vegan for 1 month (no cheese!) (March 2017)
033.  Do the full 6 weeks on the Eat to Live plan (April 2017)
034.  Make (or delete) every recipe on my Pinterest board (January 2017)
035.  Get grocery budget down to what it should be
036.  Learn to make iced coffee I like (June 2016)

037.  Declutter everything before moving (April 2016)
038.  Decorate our home
039.  Paint every room that needs it (May 2016)
040.  Get a new bed (May 2016)
041.  Set up a successful cleaning schedule (January 2017)
042.  Get a 'J' door wreath or hanging initial (January 2016)
043.  Create an organized solution for each area in the house
044.  Set up annual home maintenance calendar (April 2017)
045.  Build a pretty and functional laundry area
046.  Build a cute entryway and front yard (July 2016)
047.  Fence in the back yard (May 2016)
048.  Meet our neighbors (April 2017)

049.  Get parents' VHS tapes onto DVD
050.  Go to the outlet mall with Mom (May 2017)
051.  Watch Dad's favorite movies with him
052.  Have a planned date night at least once a week for a full year Make treats for John's firehouse at least monthly
053.  Go on a vacation with John
054.  Watch John's favorite TV show (The Shield) and top 5 movies
055.  Have a fun celebration for John's 30th birthday (July 2017)
056.  Have a yearly blog day with Betsy (January 2017)
057.  Film at least one vlog with Tara (September 2016)
058.  Go to Beef and Brandy's with Ida
059.  Find one really good present for John's dad (November 2016)
060.  Go to country night at a bar with Megan

Shopping and Anti-Shopping
061.  Get dog stairs for Hawkeye (December 2015)
062.  Buy a full length mirror Complete a 30 bags in 30 Days Challenge (January 2017)
063.  Work a regular cleaning service into the budget (October 2016)
064.  Find my holy grail in each makeup item (February 2017)
065.  Find holy grail skincare and hair care products (December 2016)
066.  Get Hawkeye's teeth cleaned (March 2017)
067.  Get a treadmill (January 2017)
068.  Order blog business cards Finish totally decluttering parents' attic
069.  Get a fall/winter purse (May 2016)
070.  Find sunglasses I actually like (June 2016)
071.  Buy a new vacuum (May 2016)
072.  Don't acquire anything new without discarding something in it's place for 1 year (April 2017)

Trying New Things
073.  Renew my passport (June 2016)
074.  Hit 10,000 steps on 101 different days
075.  Have a $10k untouchable emergency fund
076.  Get my FOID card and go to the shooting range
077.  Completely use up or otherwise get rid of 20 lipsticks (January 2016)
078.  Go one week without wearing a plain ponytail (July 2016)
079.  Go one month without using heat on my hair (July 2016)
080.  Perfect morning and night routines (April 2017)
081.  Try at least 5 money saving DIY projects from Pinterest (November 2016)
082.  Create and use blog and social media editorial calendar (January 2017)
083.  Learn my favorite phrase in 5 new languages (October 2016)
084.  Work on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge (July 2016)

085.  Pete Wilt 5 crack machines
086.  Make a date night box or jar Try blogmas/vlogmas and have 12 days of giveaways in December
087.  Go to a country concert (ideally Florida Georgia Line) (August 2017)
088.  Visit Wisconsin Dells (April 2016)
 089.  Write 20 blog posts in 1 weekend (June 2016)
090.  Play glow in the dark mini golf (August 2017)
091.  Tailgate in Iowa City (September 2016)
092.  Set up a new vanity area with makeup and jewelry storage (July 2016)
093.  Make Hawkeye paw print art (August 2017)
094.  Cull and organize my Pinterest boards (December 2015)
095.  Play trivia at a bar
096.  Make homemade food for the dogs (January 2017)

The List
097.  Help Betsy complete one goal on her list (April 2016)
098.  Donate $1001 to animal shelters over the 1001 days 
099.  Photograph and blog/vlog about at least 50 completed goals (May 2017)
100.  Complete 90% of this list without editing any goals
  101.  Celebrate completing the list and make a 3rd

If you would like to see my first list, check here!  Goals that were struck through were ones I decided against and changed, and put something new in their place.

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